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Mercury/Uranus Sextile + Solar Eclipse - Aquarius New Moon + Venus/Saturn Sextile

Mercury/Uranus Sextile (10:07 am)

Stellar Reflection Questions

* To what innovative ideas am I connecting?

* How can stepping back enhance how I perceive things?

* Can I thread together certain facts of a situation to better understand the pattern that's being presented? 


Solar Eclipse - Aquarius New Moon (4:05 pm)

Stellar Reflection Questions

* What can I do to make the world a better place?

* To what cutting edge things am I attracted?

* What new technologies do I want to explore?


Venus/Saturn Sextile (6:19 pm)

Stellar Reflection Questions 

* What principles guide my investments?

* How do I define beauty?

* How can I give an important relationship more form and structure?


[all times are EST, -5 hours GMT]

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