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Mars/Neptune Square + Sun/Mercury Conjunction + Mercury Enters Pisces

Mars/Neptune Square (6:21 am)

Stellar Reflection Questions

* Reflecting on any doubts I'm having about my desires, are these doubts coming from my  intuition or from fear?

* Is there a way to move forward more gracefully and compassionately?

* If I'm feeling my energy dissipated, how can I rearrange my schedule so I can take some time to rest?


Sun/Mercury Conjunction (7:28 am)

Stellar Reflection Questions

* Is a current tendency to value logic overshadowing anything else?

* To what bright new ideas am I connecting?

* How do I react when I perceive someone to be exceptionally attached to their opinions and/or the information that they are sharing?


Mercury Enters Pisces (11:28 pm)

Mercury enters the dreamy, soulful sign of Pisces today at 11:28 pm, residing here through March 6 at 2:35 am, when it enters Aries.


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