Living the Dream - Diving Deep into Inspirational Neptune

An Astrology 101 Brunch at Sweetgrass Food Co.

Make Waves, by  Apartment on Belmont

Make Waves, by Apartment on Belmont


"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one." – John Lennon

We are all dreamers. We want to transform the mundane to the magical, feel infused with enchantment and be captivated by our imagination and all that is possible. Astrologically, this is the realm of Neptune, the planet that reminds us that everything is connected and that we are threaded together by love. Yet, Neptune can also invokes fog, and under its spell it may be hard to discern what's real from illusion, yielding sorrow and disillusionment.

In this Astrology 101 Saturday Brunch, I will guide you on an archetypal exploration of Neptune, so that you may gain a better understanding of the role it plays in your life and that of the collective. We'll turn to Neptunian realms—to art, compassion, dreams, the numinous—to find ways to more readily surrender to its inspiration.

And looking to the calendar, we'll examine key dates this year where its influence may be even more palpable while also exploring the discerning-the-real-from-the-imagined Saturn/Neptune Square of 2016 and how it may have shapeshifted our individual and collective perspectives. To leave you even more inspired, we'll talk about wellness strategies—such as flower essence, dreamwork, water therapies, and mindfulness techniques—that will help you tap into the opportunities and navigate the challenges that this boundary-dissolving planet inspires.

Through a combination of discussion, Q+A, and white boarding on the Sweetgrass Food Co. Creative Space whitewall, we'll uncover insights that will have you feel more aligned with inspiration. Each participant will get a personalized handout detailing the placement of Neptune in their astrology chart. Brunch will be served family style, from a menu curated by Sweetgrass reflecting the astrological energetics of this time. As it's Sweetgrass food, it will be 100% Good Food.


Date: Saturday, June 24, 2017

Time: 11 am - 1 pm

Where: Sweetgrass Food Co. in downtown Seattle

Fee: $40 (includes discussions, personalized handout, and a delicious brunch)

If you have any questions about the Astrology 101 Brunch, don't hesitate to write me.

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