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Mercury/Saturn Conjunction + Venus/Uranus Square

Mercury/Saturn Conjunction (2:03 am)

Stellar Reflection Questions

* How would taking a more patient tact to gathering information benefit me?

* How can I be less judgmental when it comes to my mental capacity?

* Am I too careful or not careful enough when it comes to sharing my thoughts with others?

* What lessons can I glean from communications that seem less than optimal?


Venus/Uranus Square (2:07 pm)

Stellar Reflection Questions

* What new approach to my personal style do I want to adopt?

* How do I respond when a friend or lover wants more space?

* What would help me to be able to declare the greater level of freedom I would like in a relationship?

* What are three unique qualities that I have?


[all times are EST, -5 hours GMT]

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