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Mercury/Uranus Trine + Mars/Jupiter Conjunction

Mercury/Uranus Trine (6:38 pm)

Stellar Reflection Questions

* What out-of-the-blue ideas are streaming through my mind?

* Is it possible to understand a current situation from a different angle?

* How can I convey my thoughts in an innovative way?

* If I looked at my life through the lens of my future self, what advice would I give my current self?

Mars/Jupiter Conjunction (7:39 pm)

Stellar Reflection Questions

* How can I more consciously use the energy which I'm currently tapping into?

* How can I redesign a strategy to expand its benefits?

* How can I best channel my heightened level of desire?

* How can I better cut through veils of secrecy so as to discover deeper levels of truth?


[all times are EST, -5 hours GMT]

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