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Sun/Jupiter Sextile + Venus/Jupiter Sextile + Mars/Pluto Sextile

Sun/Jupiter Sextile (7:07 am) + Venus/Jupiter Sextile (11:13 am)

Stellar Reflection Questions

* What has me feeling more optimistic?

* How can I attract more beauty in my life?

* How can I broaden my definition of love?

* When is it that I feel more at ease to be myself?


Mars/Pluto Sextile (2:54 pm)

Stellar Reflection Questions

* How can I marshal my will to achieve my aims?

* About what in my life do I hold an 'all or nothing' attitude?

* How would I categorize myself on the persistence spectrum - low, mid, or high?

* How can I tap more deeply into my desires?


[all times are EST, -5 hours GMT]

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