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Sun/Venus Conjunction + Venus/Pluto Conjunction + Sun/Pluto Conjunction + Venus/Mars Sextile

Sun/Venus Conjunction (2:02 am) + Venus/Pluto Conjunction (4:00 am) + Sun/Pluto Conjunction (4:29 am)

Stellar Reflection Questions 

* Is there something I need to surrender in order to really flourish?

* If I'm honest with myself, which of my relationships have reached their expiration date?

* What do I need so that I can more fully commit to a life filled with love?

* Are there any secrets I've been keeping that are ready to be shared?


Venus/Mars Sextile (4:07 pm)

Stellar Reflection Questions

* Does what I love align with what I desire?

* How can I assert myself in pursuit of what I value?

* How can sussing out a secret help me to build things that have worth?

* Can I be more strategic in how I work?


[all times are EST, -5 hours GMT]

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