Upcoming Classes

Below you'll find an overview of the classes, both online and in-person, that I am teaching. Click on the associated link to find more details on each, including how to register. 




Stellar Lookbook: Astrological Insights for Capricorn Season

Get insights and wellness strategies for navigating December 21 - January 19 with my latest Stellar Lookbook. My Stellar Lookbooks are multi-media self-paced online modules that you can do anywhere, anytime. It will be available by December 15, and before then I'm offering a discount for those pre-ordering it. Find more details here.


Stellar Insights into 2018: An AstroSalon at The Cloud Room

Save the date for my upcoming AstroSalon where I will share with you a forecast into the opportunities and challenge that 2018 may hold for us. More information coming soon.