"That what is for you, will not pass you by"

Ever wonder what inspires you, drives you, and what is meant for you?  If so, please join me for brunch at Sweetgrass Food Co. on April 29th for the Discover your Destiny AstroSalon. We will explore the Lunar Nodes and navigate an astrological perspective on "destiny."

The Lunar Nodes are an astrological dynamic duo that can help us better understand our calling, our personal sense of purpose. The Nodes also inform us as to what keeps us small, stuck, and captivated by habits and perspectives that hold us back from fully embracing who we are. They are so instrumental to understanding yourself through your astrology chart that the folks at Sweetgrass Food Co. and I felt this topic would be a great topic for our Astrology 101 Brunch, the second in a series of collaborative gatherings.

In this AstroSalon, you'll learn more about where then Nodes fall in your personal astrology chart and the time periods in which they are highlighted—keys for tapping into your sense of purpose, calling, and destiny. We'll also talk about the Nodes shifting into Leo and Aquarius in May and what this may herald for us collectively over the next 18 months.

Through a combination of discussion, Q+A, and white boarding on the Sweetgrass Food Co. Creative Space whitewall, we'll uncover insights that will have you feel more aligned with your individual destiny and drive. Each participant will get a personalized handout detailing the sign and house placement of their Lunar Nodes. Brunch will be served family style based on our menu, but curated by Sweetgrass and I to reflect the astrological energetics of this time. As it's Sweetgrass food, it will be 100% Good Food.

AstroSalon, Brunch, and Personalized Handout: $40

To register and reserve your place for this limited attendance AstroSalon, go here.


****** Artwork: Large Waxing by Jennifer Ament ******