Want to forge a deeper connection to the wisdom of your dreams, discover how to work with dreams in an astrological context, more deeply tap into the realm of symbology and imagination, explore tools to remember your dreams, and learn strategies to enrich your sleep and sanctify your sleep space?

Then you will love Dream Life.

Dream Life is the name of the the latest Project 40 that I am co-leading with Sherene Vismaya. It's a 40-day individual and collective journey through which you can work with your dreams to inspire a greater sense of well-being, and connect to your dream life. Dream Life begins May 24.

We've designed Dream Life so that you can be involved in the experience at different levels, choosing the way you know will work best for you. Perhaps, you feel that working with the daily email inspirations and private community Facebook group will meet your needs. Or perhaps, you want to really enrich this intensive exploration by also having private sessions with Sherene and I as well as having us give you daily reflections on your dreams or the images that arise in your imagination. We've designed four levels of engagement so that you can be involved in this experience the way that best suits you.

Don't actively remember your dreams? By making an intention to dive into a guided dreamwork journey, your connection to your subconscious can't but be enriched. Those who did this program with us last year felt that even if they weren't in a period of active dreaming, they became more attentive to and aware of the insights that their psyches were reflecting.

Get more information including registration details here on Sherene's website. The page features lots of details about the process and down at the bottom you'll see what each level of participation offers so you can see which one may work best for you.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to write me.

I hope you can join us on this awareness-inspiring journey, to explore your dream life, and your Dream Life.