Client Reflections

"As always Stephanie, thank you for the skillful way in which you hold space for that special alchemy to happen—where my musings become realizations, take shape, and transform into tangible tools for my life. As I become more comfortable “putting my thoughts on audio” real-time during our sessions, my deeply introverted self is able to access my own knowing and ancient wisdom and I find myself living at a new warp speed that is both exciting and surprisingly sustainable. I’ve lived a lifetime in the short time I’ve been working with you."

- R. Allison Fong

"...thank you for the skillful way in which you hold space for that special alchemy to happen"


"...a practitioner who is
deeply nurturing and caring."

"Stephanie is that lovely combination of a practitioner who is deeply nurturing and caring while also bringing to bear her stunning intellect. She is a high priestess of love who creates a beautiful and compassionate experience while illuminating the possibilities of meaning behind the clockwork of your personal symbology. A session (or more, if possible) spent with her is a heartfelt gift to self or loved one and the shades of meaning she shares ripple outward far beyond the session itself, changing perception and experience in our real, day to day lives. I have found her counsel to be of the utmost value in navigating the currents of my life lessons, and I look to her services as a continued necessary resource in helping me to live to the fullest. If you desire to live your life in better alignment with the ebb and flow of the natural rhythms of your soul’s journey, then I highly recommend you schedule a session with Stephanie as soon as possible." 



"What would I do without having Stephanie in my life? She has been a tremendous asset to my life since I became a client many years ago. Through her, I have gained a better understanding of myself and how to make big changes in my life. Although the achievements were done on my own, she helped calm my restlessness and gave me a better understanding of the benefits of patience. Her positive energy is infectious and her passion for helping others truly comes through in her work. There isn’t a month that goes by in which I haven’t recommended her to someone and I hope to host more AstroSalons in the future."


"Her positive energy is infectious and her passion for helping others truly comes through in her work."


"...I knew that I had found an ally, a coach, and a guide who added great value to my life."

"Stephanie and I met a couple of years ago after one of my friends invited me to her AstroSalon and I knew right away that I had found an Astrologer that could help me navigate the complexity of life as it is and as it would unfold. After my first astrology reading with her I knew that I had found an ally, a coach, and a guide who added great value to my life.  She helps me understand myself through my astrology chart while also giving me important insights and tools that allow me to see life events as invitations to grow, expand, and relax into the flow of my life experience. I have found such great value and importance in her guidance that I have sought her counsel consistently (2-4 times per month) for over two years. Stephanie speaks with a gentle, clear intent while asking meaningful questions that bring clarity and awareness into present situations in my life. It is a true blessing to have such a prolific and insightful teacher in my corner. My time with Stephanie is sacred, profound, and significant to who I am and who I am becoming. I appreciate the blessing of Stephanie’s ongoing support and direction in my personal and professional life.  The time I spend with her is by far one of the most useful and important things that I do for my health and wellbeing as she helps me see who I am with more compassion and grace, which is such a gift."



"I want to thank you for your work with me using the flower essences. It was a divinely timed support system of these intense changes I am currently undergoing. During each session you sat with me and listened deeply, asking intuitive, sensitive questions about the nature of the healing I needed. You brilliantly prescribed the essences to be disbursed through a spray bottle in the refreshing scents of lemon and lavender as you know via your familiarity with my chart that I love variety and had a hard time remembering to take the drops under my tongue. The entire experience with you was healing and refreshing and I came out of it with a sense of significant empowering change in my life. I will continue to recommend your work to everyone I know who will benefit from this type of healing modality. Thank you for being true to who you are, a powerful catalyst for healing in our world. With loving gratitude."


"...a powerful catalyst for healing in our world."


"As a small business I do not know what we would do without the talent, passion and services of Stephanie."

"I've hired Stephanie personally and for my business. She is a trusted adviser to my team and I highly recommend Stephanie's unique take on astrology to anyone who owns a small business or is looking for greater insight in to their personal lives. 

Professionally our company, Team Diva Partners, LLC, utilizes Stephanie's talents for many stages in our management and project planning of our company. We are a small Real Estate group that has thrived through the downturn by taking to heart the advice we receive from Stephanie. We time our marketing plan around the detailed yearly analysis that Stephanie creates for our organization. The results being about a 50% increase in business, clients served and most importantly profitability for our larger organization. As a small business I do not know what we would do without the talent, passion and services of Stephanie. 

Personally Stephanie has been gracious enough to host intimate Astrology Salons at our home for our friends and business associates. I have always been a huge advocate of astrology and know the power of timing ones lives to take advantage of opportunity when it arises. However - seeing the impact these Astrology Salons has had on our circle of friends has been amazing. Specifically I have seen one friend win a very prestigious award in his creative fiend. And another finally quit his job and take on opening his own company. All of this probably would not have been possible without the guidance and passion that is fostered in these Astrology Salons. 

Stephanie is on top of her game, provide very positive and proactive advice to allow her clients to thrive in a very turbulent time in our history. Simply put I do not know why anyone would not want Stephanie on their side to help them guide and allow them to prosper during this time period."