Full Moon: May 29

Photo by Zak Elley via Unsplash

Photo by Zak Elley via Unsplash

May 29, 2018: Sagittarius Full Moon

This Sagittarius Full Moon ushers in a heightened emphasis on synthesis. We can experience growth through deconstructing duality so as to gain a more unified and cohesive understanding. This celestial event may have us reflecting upon our educational path, our goals, our beliefs, and our spiritual pursuits. By widening our perspective, and keeping track of the parallels--the "this side" and "that one"--we may find that we're better able to access a passport to a world of understanding.

With this Full Moon featuring the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius, we may feel compelled with a need to know. We could find ourselves striving to collect facts and figures not only because of intellectual curiosity but also because we feel they are vital ingredients that can provide us with the deeper sense of the understanding we seek. And yet, through this, we may also find ourselves questioning what knowing actually is. We could find ourselves with a better understanding of what it means to know something, to really know it. Alternatively (or in addition), our take-away may be that there is not one truth when it comes to defining knowing. Our experiences may also include seeing how the definition of “knowing” has shifted over time, and we are no longer content with our previous relationship with it as we had been before.

The planning and/or experience of travel—whether it be a weeks-long journey to a foreign land or a weekend road trip out of town—sometimes coincide with the Sagittarius Full Moon. Even if exploration via a plane, train, or automobile isn’t in your current or near-future plans, use this time for surveying new ideas or cultures; for example, read a book set in another country, flip through National Geographic magazine, or see a foreign-language film. All can magnetize to you enhanced understanding and a broader perspective on life.

This Full Moon takes place within days of the second of three Jupiter/Neptune Trines, which occurs on May 25. The first was December 2 (2017) with the third being August 19. It’s a time when we may find ourselves open to knowledge that comes from things that are more subtle and uncontained—art, poetry, the numinous, the water, the loves that binds us all, simple gestures of caring, and things that move, touch and inspire us. Boundaries and edges may seem softer, allowing us a greater level of feeling and connectivity; yet, watch that this also doesn’t leave you overwhelmed by too much input—whether from emotions, information, or energetics—which could cause a feeling of ungroundedness, spaciness, or anxiety. With Jupiter/Neptune inspirations connecting us to myths and the mythic, we could find ourselves orienting in such a way that we see symbols and archetypes more clearly; yet in its dissolving of the veil between things, it may also have us tap into myths we have created, as we see the stories that we’ve told ourselves and the reality behind certain situations. While this can be clarifying it may also be disappointing or disillusioning; if that’s the case, just be tender with your heart and know that while it may be painful, seeing more clearly will invariably light your path in a way that may benefit you moving forward.

The Full Moon falls at 9 degrees of Gemini (Sun) and Sagittarius (Moon). While everyone experiences the energies of a Full Moon, if you have planets or pivotal points (i.e., Ascendant/Descendant or Nadir/Midheaven) around this degree in Gemini, Sagittarius, or the other mutable signs—Virgo and Pisces—it may impact you more intensely. Additionally, like with other planetary alignments, the house(s) of your natal chart that this Full Moon falls in sheds light on how it may be influencing your unfolding.

Sagittarius Full Moon Apothecary Suggestions

Gemini is associated with the shoulders, arms, hands, lungs, and nervous system while Sagittarius governs the liver, hips, thighs, and buttocks. Pay extra attention to these parts of the body around the time of this Full Moon.

Rabbitbrush Flower Essence: When Gemini and Sagittarius are strong, we’re called to expand our agility and flexibility in thinking and perceiving. We could become more aware that at times that we enchanted with the details, we don’t readily adjust our vision to see the inherent connection between, getting lost in data rather wide-ranging insights. At other times, we could find ourselves basking in our view and understanding of the big picture, and yet doing so at the exclusion of extracting the nuanced riches of the pieces from which our holistic view is comprised. If you want energetic assistance to enhance flexibility in your viewing, support for holding simultaneous awareness of both the sum and its parts, the proverbial forest and the trees, consider trying Rabbitbrush flower essence. (Flower essences are made from flower-infused water and work energetically to restore emotional and mental balance. You can find them in natural food stores or holistic pharmacies.)

Collage project: Even for those who consider themselves not artistically inclined, a collage project can be a wonderfully therapeutic and relaxing activity to partake in on this Full Moon. Not only is making a collage a creative expression, but it can be a great vehicle for inventive problem solving. For this aim, just focus on a situation in your life that you are being challenged by and for which you seek a solution. Holding it in your mind’s eye, cut out words and images from old magazines and newspapers that reflect aspects of the situation as well as its potential resolution. Glue these to poster board adding fabric, shells, rocks, or other small bric-a-brac in an arrangement that makes sense to you. Remember that there is no right or wrong here; just use your imagination and allow for your creativity to flow in your quest for discovery. 

The Full Moon is exact at 10:19 am EDT