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 Photo by Sharon McCutcheon via Unsplash

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon via Unsplash

Stellar Insights: December 3 - 9, 2018

Over the past five-plus months, it feels like we’ve been called to proceed at a different pace, one that may involve more time for pausing and reflecting. It’s been a period where we may have found ourselves needing to retrace our steps, so that we can see whether what we had in our sights was something that we truly valued, desired, and knew to be essentially true for us. 

This terrain may have felt paved with Ahas! although sometimes peppered with frustration and impatience. (Do I really need to re-do/re-think/re-address this again? may have been often on our minds.) Yet, we may have only found the clarity that we sought—even if we didn’t at the outset even know that more clarity was to our avail—by going slow, really sitting with our thoughts and feelings, looking at—and working—things from different angles. All the while we may have wondered where this was taking us, and when a more clear horizon may emerge.

I can’t help but think that that the answer to the when piece—or at least a significant component of the when piece—occurs later this week, with the when then leading to the where/why/how.

Here’s the reason I say this:

On Thursday, messenger Mercury shifts direct, not only ending its recent three-week retrograde cycle but also completing the seemingly back-to-back planetary retraces that have inspired the sky—and our lives—since the end of June (with this, I’m reflecting upon the Mars Retrograde of June 26 to August 27, the Mercury Retrograde of July 25 to August 19, the Venus Retrograde of October 5 to November 16, and this current Mercury Retrograde that began on November 16).

And while the retrograde cycles of these personal planets are not bad, and while they continue to mark thematics of our lives moving forward (the next Mercury Retrograde begins in March), having each one seemingly bookend the other since June feels significant, in terms of the way in which it encouraged us to orient.

With this round of retrogrades completing itself on Thursday, and the New Moon in goal-oriented Sagittarius occurring about 10 hours later, it seems like we may find ourselves with both vision and traction to begin to move forward. Remember that this vision, this understanding, likely to emerge in the coming week/s of to where and in what way we want to move forward didn’t just arrive out of nowhere but is an outcome of the work that we’ve all done in the past months. I share that not only so it may help you re-orient back to this time period to further remember thoughts and experiences that can help with your current wayfinding but also in case it helps to give them more perspective (and to even perhaps then to soften some of the sting that they possibly had). Remember too that before Mercury goes direct, it is still offering great insights that can be valuable to us as we refine our understanding of our feelings, motivations and desires. 

Other factors that may aid in contributing to more clarity about where we’ve been and where we now know we want to go may come through turning to our intuition, connecting to our feelings of deep connectedness, and remembering how the depth of our hearts—and the love that resides within—can be a wellspring of energy and sustenance. It feels also especially important to call in the blessings of forgiveness this week; not only for their healing power but also because in doing so, we may find that a shroud of fogginess lifts, further abetting a more refined sense of clarity. That said, watch your energy and your boundaries this week, doing what you can to tend to them, by not being too open to situations that could cause their dissipation. I share all this with my eye to the Mars/Neptune Conjunction that occurs this week and which connects to the New Moon.

For more reflections on the New Moon, the shifting of Mercury from its backward to its forward motion, and the Mars/Neptune connection, see this Sagittarius New Moon article that I wrote.

Wishing you a wonderful week,



Astrological Highlights

December 5

  • Sun/Neptune Square


December 6

  • Mercury Stations Direct


December 7

  • Sagittarius New Moon

  • Mars/Neptune: Conjunction

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