Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Photo by Jordan Whitfield via Unsplash

Photo by Jordan Whitfield via Unsplash


July 27, 2018: Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

This Aquarius Full Moon is also a Lunar Eclipse, the second of three Eclipses occurring this season (the first was a Cancer Solar Eclipse on July 12 while the third will be a Leo Solar Eclipse on August 11). Each month’s Full Moon may bring a sense of illumination, yet when this lunation is also a Lunar Eclipse, as it is today, this awareness—and what inspired it and manifests from it—may seem more heightened and elevated.

Often around the time of Eclipses—whether we are able to see them in the sky or not—life-shifting feelings, reflections, events, and people come into our lives that have us gain important awareness related to how our life is unfolding. We may see that steps previously taken are coming to fruition; and whether we are delighted or sorrowful about this, there’s usually a heightened sense of emotionality that occurs with Eclipse-inspired realizations. Remember this so that you can have space and compassion for yourself and others as we are moving through this amplified energy period. 

One theme that often takes center stage around the time of an Aquarius Full Moon involves individuals and their relationship to the collective. There could be a heightened sense of tension as a community strives to accommodate both the needs of its individual members and its own overarching identity and goals. All the while, tensions could arise if we find ourselves torn between wanting to align with and support a group mission and at the same time wanting to not abdicate the experience of gaining recognition for our personal brand of specialness.

What comes to light may help us to see just what is required to balance the Me and the We, how we can generously radiate our unique gifts while also doing so in alignment with a vision that is bigger than us. We may see that what is good for us isn’t limited to our individual lives but is inclusive of the society in which we live. We may perceive the importance of doing work on behalf of society not only because it is the one in which We live, but also because it’s the one in which lives those with whom we share a common bond, a collective sense, the fabric of humanity.

With both warrior Mars (in Aquarius) and innovative Uranus (in Taurus) tying into this Eclipse, not only may the illumination we receive during this time feel amplified and perhaps even surprising, but the actions that bring us to this awareness are ones that could catch us off guard. If the unexpected arises, and the out-of-the-blue seems commonplace, try to engage a new way of relating with detours. 

So, if you find yourself being detoured from your usual route, whether literally or figuratively, instead of going to a fallback of frustration, try to see how the experience may be opening you up to a new way of being, a new approach to navigating your life. Taking a fresh, rather than rote, route may connect you to new sights, ideas, and understandings. 

It can also help you build the muscle of resilience, knowing that even if you don’t like being swayed from a usual course that you do have the capacity to handle doing so. That in and of itself is confidence building, something that Leo season invites us to experience. And with a nod to the Aquarius Moon and Mars, remember that deviations from the “norm” can expand our perspective of what the norm is, widening our vista as well as our ability to recognize larger patterns. 

Also, reflecting the emphasis on Aquarius and Uranus during this time, it seems that stepping back from a situation may give us a vantage point that carries with it a bevy of benefits. Remember that being detached doesn’t mean that you’re not radiating love from your heart; this too feels like a beautiful lesson of this Lunar Eclipse.

All this is being celestially inspired just after Mercury has stationed retrograde, as the planet of communication begins its tri-annual three-week retracing cycle on July 26. As such, themes of communication, translating messages, bridges and bridging, markets and marketing, and transport may be really strong. As always, when Mercury stations (and during its retrograde cycle), mindfully navigating communications; going slow, pausing frequently and allowing for new insights; and reviewing, rethinking, and reconsidering may be helpful strategies.

This month’s Full Moon falls at 5 degrees of Leo (Sun) and Aquarius (Moon). While everyone experiences the energies of a Full Moon, if you have planets or pivotal points (i.e., Ascendant/Descendant or Nadir/Midheaven) around this degree in Leo, Aquarius, or the other fixed signs—Taurus and Scorpio—it may impact you more intensely.


Aquarius Lunar Eclipse Apothecary Suggestions

Leo is associated with the heart, spine, and hair while Aquarius is associated with the calves, ankles, peripheral circulatory system, and the body’s bionergetics. Pay extra attention to these areas of the body around the time of this Lunar Eclipse.

Quaking Grass flower essence: Quaking Grass is a wonderful remedy to help inspire harmonious group dynamics. It helps individuals maintain a sense of balanced self when in a collective and yet see themselves as a part of something much larger than just themselves. While the essence can be taken by an individual, it can also be used it as a room spray (mix a few drops into a water-filled mister bottle) as a way to foster a more productive, as well as heartfelt, group process. (Flower essences are made from flower-infused water and work energetically to restore emotional and mental balance. You can find them in natural food stores or holistic pharmacies.)

Sweet marjoram essential oil: Associated with eternal peace and happiness, quintessential Aquarian ideals, sweet marjoram is known for its antispasmodic and circulation-enhancing properties. With its pacifying fragrance and tension-calming effects, this essential oil may help to calm an overly stimulated nervous system. Use in a diffusor, smell a few drops from the bottle and/or add to some almond massage oil.

The Full Moon is exact at 4:20 pm EDT