Let's Talk About Love
and Desire

What does love mean to you? How does it inspire and motivate you? What is your relationship to desire? How does it impact the way you orient in life?

In this small-group Salon, limited to four participants, we’ll discuss the realms of love and desire. Through shared dialogue, including the reading of our favorite quotes or short poems on these subjects, we’ll gain a greater understanding of our personal relationship to these domains, seeing how we have embodied them and how they inform our lives. In addition, we’ll turn to astrology to gain additional glimmers of awareness, looking at your birth chart to see what personalized insights we can gather about your own individual brand of love and desire.

Date: Thursday, March 24
Time: 6:30-8:30pm
Where: Capitol Hill, Seattle (address sent upon registration)
Fee: $30
Sign Up: After you register, I will send you an email with Stellar Reflection Questions, request for your birth information so I can create your astrology chart, AstroSalon address, and other details.
Other details: Feel free to bring snacks or your dinner. Bubbly beverages and tea will be served.

Have questions? Email me here.