Making the most of Mars Retrograde AstroSalon

Beginning April 17 and lasting about 10 weeks, this once-every-two-plus-year event can be a tricky time if we’re not consciously aligned with its flow; it’s a time where we may find ourselves lacking in energy, feeling frustrated, and/or swirling with a sense irritation by not being able to accomplish what we thought we wanted to.

Yet, if we dance with the Mars retrograde energy, heeding the insights it encourages, we can reduce potential stress while more clearly connecting to our inner desires, re-strategizing our action plan, and gaining opportunities for re-focusing our aim.

In this AstroSalon, we’ll talk about Mars Retrograde and the energetics that it inspires. We’ll discuss how to harness the opportunities this time can offer as well as self-care strategies and tools to abate the challenges and stress it may present. We'll talk about timing tips that can help you sequence manifesting your goals, as well as why looking back to some hard lessons you mastered in 2015 may help you to make the most of this time. 

Date: Wednesday, April 13
Time: 6:30-8:00pm
Where: Capitol Hill area of Seattle (address sent upon registering)
Fee: $20

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