The Neptune Fog

Liminal Air - 2006 descend , photograph by David Jackmanson

Liminal Air - 2006 descend, photograph by David Jackmanson

It feels like all Neptune, all the time...

We're in the waves of the Neptune station with the planet of dreamy turning retrograde Monday and then facing off for another exact square with Saturn on Friday, June 17.

And with it being all Neptune, all the time, my focus to write on my website has been diffused over the past few days. I'm sorry for that. 

How have you been feeling?

Has a sense of the wateriness, fogginess, forgetfulness, and/or ungroundedness come your way?

And/or are you tapping into the poetic, symbolic, boundary-dissipating, empathetic, spiritual veins that Neptune reflects?

On the one hand it feels like a time to go with the flow, while still taking care that we do so within limits, honoring our responsibilities. 

My dear friend and colleague Sherene, with whom I partner in Dream Co:Lab, wrote something today that feels striking, as a way to move through this current time. As we're sitting with any challenges we may face, what if we looked at this part of our waking life as if it were a dream, applying that reflective statement "If this were my dream..." as a way to gain a bit of perspective. From this lens, we may then gain additional comfort and a sense of greater understanding as to how to work through whatever it is in which we feel we are currently swimming (or drowning). It feels paradoxical--we usually apply our waking life lens to our dreams, yet turning it the other way around may serve to cut through some illusion and give us a holistic sense of peace and understanding.