Everybody Hurts - Chiron and Healing


In Greek mythology, Chiron was a revered healer, who taught medicine and other healing arts to a great many who would carry on his legacy. Wounded one day by a poison arrow, Chiron who could deliver healing to all, was not able to find a personal salve to heal his own indelibly painful wound. He choose to sacrifice his immortality so as to release suffering of a fellow god, Prometheus, and in doing so, Chiron continued his contribution to providing the gifts of healing and compassion to humanity.

Archetypally, Chiron reflects the places within us that hurt, the wounds we may carry, our personal 'ouch' spots. Yet, in speaking, valuing, and acknowledging them, we can transmute them into gifts, as they are our threads to humanity, a source of our empathy, a reservoir that lets us be there for another because we've been there ourselves. 

We each have Chiron in our astrology chart. Through looking at its placement we can get a better understanding as to our personal wounds and how to work with and transform them, finding a sense of liberation and galvanizing our ability to feel connected to something bigger than ourselves.

Today Mercury opposes Chiron and Tuesday Venus does. Give voice to your tender spots, value them, and see how they can open up into a well of compassion not only for yourself but that can stream forth to others. Turning to art and music as a way to dive into deep feelings seems like a resonant strategy given the astrological landscape, one of the reasons I shared the quite Chironic REM song "Everybody Hurts" above. Through others' expressions, through their creative efforts, see how you are moved and shifted. It can also be a great time to connect to your creative spirit--whether through words, paint, instruments, movement, et al.--and express the wealth of the feelings you're tapping into now.

As someone who is currently going through their Chiron Return (which occurs when Chiron in the sky occupies the same place that it did when you born, during the time of life when we transition from our 40s to 50s), I've found a much deeper connection to and understanding of how to work with this archetypal energy in my life, which has been inspiring my work with clients. If you would like to explore the healing gift of Chiron in your life, we can do so in a personal Stellar Guidance Session.