Stellar Insights: December 17 - 23, 2018

Photo by Mr TT via Unsplash

Photo by Mr TT via Unsplash

As the week begins it may seem like we are entering new territory, notably when it comes to more clearly understanding just what it is that we value and the value that resides deep within us. This awareness may seem like it arose from a commitment to unearthing, a belief in the importance of honesty, and an immensity of patience as we traced and retraced our thoughts and feelings about certain situations in our life over the past months, waiting for clarity to emerge.

I share this with an eye to Venus, who has finally emerged from the territory through which she has been diving for a while, leaving the shadow period associated with her recent retrograde cycle. Planetary retrogrades encourage us to understand the value of looking back, the treasures that may reside in terrains already traveled. Taking a cue from that, look back to early October and consider since that time what relationships and money matters may have caught your attention and/or how you felt inspired to investigate what restricts your ability to treasure yourself and stand for your own riches. 

With that in mind, and considering experiences you’ve had since then, see what may be coming to light for you now in regards to this understanding. Tune into what may be arising for you right now—whether it’s an awareness of a shift in attitude and/or a new endeavor being pursued—and see how it may be the fruit that was born from experiences and reflections over the past months. Not only may this help to put things in context but may also help us to integrate the value of retrograde cycles—in particular this Venus retrograde, which may have tested our patience and left us feeling frustrating when progress seemed blocked, but which we may now see for the solid treasures of awareness that it has birthed.

It’s also a week of shifting given that the Solstice arrives on Friday, and with that we honor the transition of the seasons, and the dance of the light and the dark. As well, we also move from adventurous Sagittarius season to hardworking Capricorn season.

Not one day after the Solstice we have the Cancer Full Moon, bringing to light awareness related to the people, places, and things that have us feel at home, and those that do not. As the Full Moon connects with Uranus, we may find ourselves redefining what success and accomplishment mean to us. This Full Moon is also striking as it occurs on the Cardinal Axis (the 0 degree points of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) and with that we may find ourselves again seeing how the personal is political, how there really is no separation between what happens out in the world and what happens in our neighborhood. For more on the Full Moon, see here.

Given that this week features a connection between messenger Mercury and expansive Jupiter, big thoughts may stream through. There’s a collective sense of the pull to broadcast and publish ideas that can stoke a newfound understanding. And while the Mercury/Jupiter conjunction may inspire us to want to dialogue and share a message with a larger audience, it could also have us experience like the world as a bit loud and noisy. If you connect to the latter, and it feels a bit unnerving, do what you can to find quiet and ease, perhaps even temporarily turning down the volume or turning off the channels that are leaving you with disquietude.

Wishing you a stellar week,



Astrological Highlights 

December 20

  • Sun/Uranus Trine


December 21

  • Venus/Neptune Trine

  • Mercury/Jupiter Conjunction

  • Sun enters Capricorn (Solstice)


December 22

  • Full Moon

Dates noted reflect Eastern Standard Time