Stellar Insights: August 6 - 12, 2018

Photo by James Peacock via Unsplash

Photo by James Peacock via Unsplash


Are you finding yourself doing things differently as the week begins? Are you noticing that some of your go-to patterns have gone by the wayside and in their place are those that aren’t necessarily your norm?

As I sit here writing these words, I can attest that my answer is a resounding Yes. The reason being: I’m actually writing this week’s Stellar Insights here on an airplane, a far cry (literally and figuratively) from my desk where I usually write them. Yet, that is as it is, as other events—a family gathering that had me flying to/from the East Coast for the weekend—precluded my “regular” writing schedule. 

As I sit here approaching the week from a different angle, I’m reflecting on many things, including my relationship to “regular” and how I feel when a detour presents itself that has me need to shift gears and remap my orientation. The timing of these reflections and experience—and the shake-up in my particular pattern and go-to approaches--is quite synchronistic, given that change-it-up Uranus is currently stationing, set to go retrograde on Tuesday.

Uranus seems to accord with the invitations to break out of limitations, including the confines that sometimes accompanies the “regular.” It has us exercise the muscles of flexibility and adaptability, inspiring us to stay bouncy and roll with the punches, doing what we need to do in unusual and surprising ways. And while this is usually accompanied, at least initially, by some stress when we move into uncharted territory, it often is also associated with a feeling of empowerment, reflected by us saying/thinking such things as “Look, I did that!” and “Wow, I’m more inventive and resourceful than I had thought.” It’s a time when things may also seem more uncharacteristic: our schedules, the way people respond, the way we feel about things, the sources from which we receive wisdom and insight…any and all, and others.

That said, I don’t want to too Pollyanna. Sure, as we have breakthroughs that may bring with them stratums of individualization and freedom, we can learn a lot. And yet, with Uranus, we may often find ourselves shaken by shocks and the unanticipated. Sometimes these may be disturbing, notably if we weren’t prepared for a surprise event or communication. And while “out of the blue” may keep things fresh, it’s sometimes can be jarring, especially if what’s coming out of the blue makes us green with envy, red with rage, or another unplanned-for hue. (I have to laugh—just as I wrote this there was a swell of turbulence…talk about out of the blue and “staying bouncy.’) 

Between the Uranus station and the Mercury/Sun Conjunction on Wednesday, things may seem electric; our minds may feel exceptionally lit up, with ideas streaming in at a possibly hyper clip. Watch that the influx of information doesn’t either overwhelm your nervous system or crowd out your feelings, having you be overly reliant on the intellectual rather than balancing that with the emotional. 

To tamp the possible upswing of your nervous system, start the week by inviting in more relaxation. Get out the Rescue Remedy, do your breathwork practice, go outside and walk, inhale some lavender essential oil…and/or turn to the activities you know inspire center and calm.

One more thing regarding Uranus: When it shifts retrograde it will be the sixth planet—joining Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto—that’s currently moving across the sky in this style of motion. Between all this retrograde inspiration and us still being in Eclipse season, going slow and being even more mindful than usual may be just what the celestial doctor ordered. It’s a time when mirroring the planets and turning around may be advantageous, as the wisdom we gain from both the past and an alternative view may help allay disquietude as well as provide us with insights that can help us gain more grounding. This way, when the Eclipse fogs lifts and we gain even more clarity, the progress we will make will be rooted in the depth of more well-etched integrity.

Speaking of Eclipses, the last one of this “Eclipse Season” occurs on Saturday. As it’s a Leo Solar Eclipse, it’s a powerful time to connect to our heart and see how we may be able to find an even more steady state by opening up to love and generosity. Leo beckons the artist within to come out, to remember that creativity is something that is borne of all of us. 

With Leo, a sense of “I” is ignited, and our attention may turn to the sovereignty of self. Reflecting this, we may find people (ourselves included) to lay a more committed claim to being our unique selves; this could help some to become connected to their sovereignty and shine a brighter light, although it may rally up an expanded sense of “Me” in others that could tend to appear as hubristic and ego-driven (as I share in August’s So Divine! podcast, Sunflower flower essence is a great one to help balance this shining-self invitation of the Leo Solar Eclipse).

You can find more insights into the Leo Solar Eclipse—including what its current connection to Pallas Athene may signify—in this article that I’ve written. There you’ll also find additional wellness suggestions.

The week closes with Mars soldiering retrograde from Aquarius into Capricorn. The warrior planet will be doing its reverse march through this loyal and serious sign until it turns direct on August 27. Mars’ mountaineering through Capricorn may inspire us to take a new look at how we use our will and energy in pursuit of our ambitions; we may get insights that allow us to see better ways in which we can forge strategies that will allow us to accomplish that which we desire in a more efficient and productive way. After Mars shifts direct the end of the month, it will maintain its hike in Capricorn through September 10, with this time period being one where we may weave together the pieces of wisdom garnered and experience a grounded sense of progress. 

I think I’ll close out my writing by turning back around to Uranus. I had planned to log on the wifi when I got back to the Seattle airport before heading back home (since I won’t be home for numerous hours). But then in a flash, I instead thought: why not hop on the in-flight wifi so I can send this missive to you now, so you could have it sooner than later. After having this out-of-the-blue thought—which seemed, at first blush, to be novel—I realized that it actually was an obvious choice all along, yet I just didn’t see it; this too also feels like a reflection of Uranus, in that the breakthroughs that we have show up as options that seem so innovative and unexpected at the time, and yet seem so “of course, this is the way” after we have them.

Wishing you a stellar week (from 30,00 feet),


PS. In pure Uranian fashion, before I could edit and upload this, the wifi went out on the plane. So round two is taking place in a cafe in Seattle. Alas, hello Uranus (and Mercury Retrograde)!


Astrological Highlights

August 6

* Venus enters Libra

* Sun/Jupiter square


August 7

* Uranus Stations Retrograde

* Venus/Mars Trine


August 8 

* Mercury/Sun Conjunction


August 9

* Venus/Saturn Square


August 11

* Leo Solar Eclipse (New Moon)


August 12

* Mars re-enters Capricorn 


*Dates noted reflect Eastern Daylight Time Zone