Stellar Insights: September 24 - 30, 2018

Photo by Liliana Pereira via Unsplash

Photo by Liliana Pereira via Unsplash


It feels like a week where we really need to be present. It’s not a week of gliding, of staying on the surface, or just rolling with what come what may. Rather, it’s a period that packs a punch when it comes to becoming more aware of what works and what doesn’t, what’s true and what isn’t, and that we have the power to change things if we let go of self-limiting stories and recognize that responsibility is not a burden but a key element in creating a life that has meaning and creative potential.

The week begins with a riveting jumpstart reflective of Monday’s Aries Full Moon. And while this yearly lunation always turns our attention to relationship dynamics, and the importance of not abdicating our self-essence in partnership, this year the Aries Full Moon feels like it has so many other layers. That’s because the Moon connects to Chiron and Hygeia, and both the Sun and Moon square Saturn and Vesta. The Saturn tie-in seems to have us have to pay attention to things; casting a blind eye isn’t a strategy that has traction these days and can only lead to more frustration. We see that actions do inspire consequences, and may realize that bolstering foundations and taking responsibility are keys to forging structures that can allow us to flourish. With Chiron, Hygeia, and Vesta also on the Full Moon’s full dance card, digging into just what it is that we are devoted to and committing to holding space for ourselves and our communities may be a pathway to deep levels of healing. For more on the dynamics of healing that this Full Moon may inspire see here.

With Pluto stationing direct on Sunday, the tenor of the week may feel deep and rich. We’re called to probe below the surface to be able to better understand the whole picture. Pluto reminds us of the cycles of life, and with that we may find ourselves connecting to themes of death and renewal. (And while reflective of this, synchronistically this weekend I’m doing a training to learn to be a death doula). We may find ourselves with an affinity to purge, to release that which has reach its expiration date or overstayed its welcome, whether that be things, relationships, beliefs, or habits. 

When Pluto is strong in the collective it can be intense, as we deal with issues such as control and power, who has them and who doesn’t. As for the former, remember that in the deepest and most universal sense none of us truly have control, but we do have choice, even if it’s the choice on how we want to see and handle a situation. 

If the underworld, and the often buried, feel like they’re stirring, explore just what it is that resides below. What motivations are truly hiding below your aims? What feelings are churning deep within you? What fears are seeping in and coloring your viewpoint? Using this time to look at these things may be cathartic and healing. 

That said, there are times when we’re not in control of the exploration, but rather a recipient of knowledge from the revealing of facts previously undisclosed. Just knowing that it may be a week when the unveiling of secrets may occur as may the reveal of that which has lurked in the shadows or been hidden behind closed doors can help to give context to our experiences, and reactions to them. 


If you’re looking for some wellness/lifestyle activities that align with the Pluto station and can help you to move and channel its energy, consider cleaning a closet, weeding your garden, exfoliating your skin, applying a mud mask, doing a mini detox, exploring tantric exercises with your partner, and reading esoterica or mysteries.


Astrological Highlights

September 24

  • Aries Full Moon


September 25

  • Sun/Saturn Square


September 27

  • Vesta/Saturn Conjunction

  • Sun/Mars Trine


September 30

  • Pluto Stations Direct

Dates noted reflect Eastern Daylight Time