Stellar Insights: February 4 - 10, 2019

Photo by Ashley Whitlatch via Unsplash

Photo by Ashley Whitlatch via Unsplash

The week begins on the heels of a New Moon, which occurs later in the day on Monday. Remember that as the Moon is surrendering its light before it is again new, it’s in the lunar phase known as Balsamic. This is a time when we release and let go, and find guidance in the light that lives within us, the deep and wise caverns of our interior world. Going slow, being reflective, and allowing for illumination to flow from within allow us to better align with the invitations of the Balsamic Moon.

When the Moon becomes new, we begin again in another monthly cycle of growth. With the Sun and Moon in Aquarius, we’re open to a new chapter in which humanitarian and progressive issues are the field in which we feel the desire to sow the seeds for new growth. For more on the New Moon, see this article.

Mid-week we may find that our vision expands as we feel that part of a path has been cleared for forward motion. Having a map on hand, and being able to turn to it for insights on navigating the terrain, may come in very handy. Think of this map as one that captures wisdom gained through past experiences. And while it may seem that the landscape looks familiar, remember that each and every experience we have is truly different, offering unique trails, sights, horizons, and destinations.

On Sunday, messenger Mercury slides into poetic Pisces, where it will have an extended residence. Usually in a sign for about three weeks, Mercury will swim through Pisces until April 17 owing to its upcoming retrograde cycle (occurring March 5 – 28).

And with this, we’ll have more than two months in which we may find that our thinking drifts to subjects of compassion, healing, and the soulful. And with Pisces a water sign, that allows for flow, we may also find that our thinking drifts in general. This may be frustrating for some people, for whom linear thinking and more precise command of their thoughts is their natural state. If that’s you, just see how a little bit of “getting lost” doesn’t mean you’re losing your mind, but rather can have you find new inspirations, as it connects you to ideas, feelings, and dreams otherwise not discovered.

When Mercury is in Pisces, it’s a stellar time to dust off your poetry anthologies, books on soulful self-care, biographies of historical emblems of empathy, romance novels, and your dream journals. If you don’t yet have a meditation practice, now’s a beautiful time to connect with one (and if you already do, you may find that it serves you in a whole new way). And if you’ve been wanting to learn how to further develop your intuition, tap into the wisdom of your dreams, and forge a deeper connection to your healing potential, the next two-plus months offer us a sea of opportunity to do so.

Beginning to invite in this Piscean perspective is helpful not only because of Mercury’s extended stay in the sign of the diffuse and unitive, but also because soon it will be joined by two other planets: the Sun (which enters Pisces on February 18) and Venus (which floats in on March 26). Of course, Neptune is also in its home territory of Pisces, where it’s been since 2011 and will stay through 2026. As such, there will be times in the coming months when these planets come together in a sort of synchronized swim through this aquatic and empathic sign.

The timing of Mercury’s two-month stay in Pisces is fascinating to me, in that it begins the last week of Chiron’s residency here. Reflecting the archetype of the wounded healer, Chiron has been in Pisces since 2010. I can’t help but think that Mercury entering Pisces won’t but give us some additional ways to comprehend the lessons we’ve learned since that time—notably related to wounds around feeling unified, our ability to heal, our relationship with the sea and its inhabitants, and spirituality—and give them more voice. More on this next week.


Astrological Highlights

February 4

  • New Moon


February 7

  • Sun/Jupiter Sextile

  • Mercury/Mars Sextile


February 9

  • Mercury/Uranus Sextile


February 10

  • Mercury enters Pisces


Dates noted reflect Eastern Standard Time