Stellar Insights: March 11 - 17, 2019

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon via Unsplash

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon via Unsplash

I’ve been thinking a lot about the notion of vision. 

We think about vision as the ability to see, to use our faculties of sight to perceive things in our environs. In this way, vision is connected to the manifest and to the present.

We think about vision also as a dream or goal, as using our wisdom and imagination to plan prospectively. In this way, vision is connected to the yet-to-be-manifest and to the future.

We think about vision in terms of something formed from our imagination, a dream, or an ecstatic state. In this way, vision is connected to something non-concrete and not rooted in time. 

Vision embodies numerous states of awareness.

Sometimes, one kind of vision informs the other, and sometimes they are disparate. 

Sometimes our vision is clear and sometimes it is cloudy, and sometimes we are uncertain which it is.

I think vision—and all of its nuances—has been strongly capturing my attention in the last months as it reflects an astrological invitation we are moving through this year, related to the dance between Jupiter (the planet related to future horizons), Neptune (the planet related to the imaginal realm) and Saturn (the planet related to material reality and structured definitions).

Yet it also feels like a really timely topic this week given all of the action that Mercury—the planet of communication—is having. Mercury is currently retrograde in unbounded Pisces. On Thursday, it’s cazimi (in union with) the Pisces Sun, on Friday it squares envision-the-future Jupiter, on Saturday it makes a harmonious sextile to uncover-the-hidden Pluto, and on Sunday it not only sextiles action-driven Mars but comes together with devotion-oriented Vesta. And so how we take in, synthesize, and share information and insights—how and what we see/know, and how we share how and what we see/know—feels prominent

I think that Mercury retrograde in Pisces can be a time when we can fine-tune our vision. After all, when Mercury is retrograde we get the opportunity to go back over ideas, information, and insights we have previously connected with to see whether our understanding needs to be refined. It’s also a time when we gain insights by going within, to the deep reservoir of our knowingness. This seems like it’s enhance with Mercury in Pisces, a sign where the imaginative, the intuitive, and the inspirational are enhanced, and where insights may be derived from the empathetic realms. We may be able to see things more prismatically, and then use our imagination and the awareness that washes over us from connecting to universal wisdom to envision our goals and aspirations for the future. It’s a time when the different facets of vision may interweave and align.

That said, it can also be a time when visions get occluded. We could possibly see things not because they are there but because we want to see them as our longings and imaginations flood our sight. So be careful and aware.

Reflect this week on what vision means to you: how you see things, how open you are to different inputs of knowledge, and how you determine what aims inherently align with you. To me, this feels like one of the potent visions for how to move through and unfold this week.

Astrological Highlights

March 13

  • Sun/Pluto Sextile

  • Sun/Jupiter Square

March 14

  • Mars/Saturn Trine

  • Sun/Mercury Conjunction


March 15

  • Mercury/Jupiter Square


March 16

  • Mercury/Pluto Sextile


March 17

  • Mercury/Mars Sextile 

  • Vesta/Mercury Conjunction

Dates noted reflect Eastern Standard Time