Stellar Insights: April 8 - 14, 2019

Photo by Susn Matthiessen via Unsplash

Photo by Susn Matthiessen via Unsplash

How much is too much?

As a culture, we’ve been primed to expand, to revere growth, and to associate more with better. 

Yet, our superlative-oriented culture isn’t necessarily sustainable. To see this we just need to look at earth changes, the cost of societies—and individuals—fighting for limited resources, and the fracturing we see in some of our social fabric.

I feel like this topic—of the price of growth and accumulation, and its sustainability—is one that will capture our attention more strongly this month, given that Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto will all slow down (station) as they appear to shift directions, as they each enter their yearly retrograde phase. When a planet stations, the themes and archetype with which it is associated all seem to become quite pronounced, and we become more aware of them.

Simply noted, Jupiter is related to growth, Saturn to the import and existence of limits, and Pluto to the cycles of life. Jupiter goes retrograde April 10, Pluto on April 24, and Saturn on April 29. The station period of each extends for days before and after each of these moments.

There are lots of things that a Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto recipe yields, but given that my focus is on Jupiter currently, as we’re in the swell of its station, given its cycle shift occurs on Wednesday, I’ve been really focused on the idea of growth, how it leads and inspires us, and its relationship to sustainability. (Some of the reason that I am personally soaked in this perspective is that I just finished a 12-week Certificate in EcoPsychology course through Pacifica University and so my attention is very attuned to the nature/human-nature dynamics right now).

Of course, an emphasis of Jupiterian principles may also cast other hues upon the week. We could find ourselves reflecting upon our goals, matters of philosophical interest, and/or voyages that we want to take. We may encounter a further understanding of just what it is that we believe in—and what we don’t—and how attached we are to the principles that guide us. It’s a week of seeking and/or defining truths, and we could notice that soapboxes abound.

Travel may be on our minds, whether individually or because it’s a collective subject being highlighted in the news. The same goes for aims related to education, seeking knowledge and/or sharing it. Don’t be surprised if Why? Is uttered more frequently than usual this week, as we all seek to clarify aims, discover higher meaning, and get glimpses into the bigger picture.

There’s other layers to the week, of course. Notably as we find that also Wednesday Venus unites with Neptune and the Sun squares Saturn. 

The former can have us tap into a deep, and seemingly endless, well of compassion for ourselves and others. It’s a beautiful time to open to inspiration related to art, healing, and connection with other beings. Yet, keeping an eye on our boundaries is important as we don’t want what we find to be valuable—whether our sense of self, our peace of mind, our possessions et al.—to readily dissipate. Be caring but discerning.

The Venus/Neptune connection combined with strong Jupiter influence feels like it be a beautiful time for spiritual practice and for surrendering into an understanding of how in the largest of senses, everything is connected. Yet, if we aren’t clear as to expectations and don’t realize that everything may be rosy if that’s the filter of our tinted glasses, over-optimism or over-acceptance can cause its own array of challenges. I feel this possibility even more given the Sun/Saturn Square, an invitation to remember that there are times when slow and steady is a stellar strategy for winning the race. This invitation can readily show us the consequences of going beyond natural limits, or alternatively, how we can be gifted with reward if we deal with things responsibly.

So open to your dreams and the beauty of your imagination, but know when it is that you are dreaming and imagining things.

As we get closer to the weekend, we may find that digging deep allows us more broadened understanding. A desire to unearth combined with an additional understanding of what has value at its roots rather than just its surface may allow us further insight into the question “How much is too much?”


Astrological Highlights

April 10

  • Venus/Neptune Conjunction

  • Sun/Saturn Square

  • Jupiter Stations Retrograde

  • Mercury/Pluto Sextile


April 12

  • Mercury/Jupiter Square

  • Venus/Saturn Sextile


April 13

  • Sun/Pluto Square


April 14

  • Sun/Jupiter Trine

  • Venus/Pluto Sextile

Dates noted reflect Eastern Daylight Time