Cancer AstroBotanica

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Happy Birthday, Cancer! Enjoy your birthday bouquet!

Your AstroBotanica bouquet reflects your sensitive and fertile nature. You’re a caring, emotional being who thrives on nurturing and protecting those you love. With your planetary ruler being the Moon, you’re guided by Lady Luna, inspired by cycles, with moods that ebb and flow like the tides. Similar to your totem the Crab, you may present with a hard shell yet within you resides a soft and vulnerable interior.

Soft drifts of Peonies and Ranuncs with fly-away moments of Jasmine and Lisy for you, sweet Cancer, to capture your gently dueling nature - both steadfast and hither and thither! Representing your carapace, dried sprigs mixed into the petals, and the bouquet captured with both muslin and industrial backgrounds, to further highlight that soft/hard dichotomy.

Astrological insight by @stephanie_gailing

Bouquet by @alexabuzadesign