Stellar Insights: August 19 - 25, 2019

Photo by Joshua Fuller via Unsplash

Photo by Joshua Fuller via Unsplash

Commitment feels like a theme that threads itself throughout the week.

How is it that you define commitment?

When you declare that you are committed to someone or something, what does that actually signify to you?

It feels like an aligned time to reflect upon these questions. Based upon your answers, I would then encourage you to put this subject in context, and declare to yourself to whom and to what you are committed at this time.

In addition to the awareness that these questions yield, this heightened clarity may then form a strong foundation for later this week when you could find yourself wanting to take action on behalf of your commitments.

Additionally, getting more clear about what commitment means to you can also help support your ability to uphold an exceptionally important one: that to yourself.

You may find that the theme of value is also part of this equation. What do you value? How do you stand for your own value? Which of your talents and gifts you do most value? The answer to these questions may help you to gain a greater level of understanding that can help you to more consciously pursue a goal and/or champion a cause that mirrors what you find to be valuable and worthy.

The Sun shifts from self-expressive Leo to detail-oriented Virgo on Friday. And with that, we move Into a month where we may find ourselves wanting to curate and craft, and create systems that can help us organize facets of life that we find interesting and essential.

Astrological Highlights

August 20

  • Venus/Juno Conjunction

August 21

  • Venus enters Virgo

  • Mercury/Jupiter Trine

August 22

  • Sun/Juno Conjunction

August 23

  • Sun enters Virgo

August 24

  • Venus/Mars Conjunction

All days reflect EDT time zone ( - 4 hours GMT)