Listen In | Stand In


“I had an unexpected and extraordinary experience at L I S T E N. As Stephanie, Josephine, and Lauren led the group on a journey of listening, I felt myself peacefully sink into a deep, unknown, and quiet place—a place in my being that I had never really experienced before. It was like my mind and soul dropped into my heart, and my perception transformed. I had learned to listen, from a whole new state of being-ness. I can’t encourage you enough to have your own profound L I S T E N experience.” --Megan Skinner, author and spiritual counselor

Listening is always important. Now more than ever. During the upcoming inauguration weekend, join us to mark a new chapter in community listening.

As the inauguration approaches, this may be a time where you or those in your community are experiencing fearfulness, anxiety, and marginalization. What would it mean to listen to this experience, both inside and outside of yourself? How can you create the space within so that you may truly listen?

Now is the time to consciously tune in. Now is the time to make space for those around us holding different opinions and life experiences. Now is the time to stand up and listen. Join Stephanie Gailing, Josephine Edmondson, and Lauren Gallow for this continued investigation into the practice of listening.

Stephanie will explore the astrological climate, providing you with stellar insights that will help you navigate through the opportunities and challenges of this time.

Josephine will introduce the concepts of reflective listening and conscious communication through deep meditation and breathwork. She will offer tools to help you speak your truth, while also holding space for people that may have different views.

Ending with a writing activity guided by Lauren, you will have time to listen in to your own personal inner state and give conscious voice to your experience. Opportunities to share that experience using conscious communication will follow.

For participants interested in working with flower essences, you’ll receive some Listen/In elixir that Stephanie has made (bring a water bottle or empty glass tincture bottle).


Date: Sunday, January 22, 2017

Time: 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Location: The Cloud Room, 1424 11th Avenue, 4th floor of Chophouse Row, Seattle

Cost: $25 by January 19, after this date the price will be $30

Pre-registration required.

Follow this link to register.