August 2017 is an astrological hotspot, a time when we’re invited to shake it up and be radically honest in the pursuit of redefining the canvas of our worlds, personal and collective.

During this mid-summer month we’ve got two eclipses, with one—the Solar Eclipse on August 21—a phenomenon about which everyone is talking, owing to the fact that it will be visible from the U.S. This is something that hasn’t happened for 38 years! 

August also features a dance between expand-and-grow Jupiter, chaos-as-a-creative-force Uranus, own-your-shadow Pluto, and fiercely-protect-what-you-love Ceres. Plus, we’ve got another Mercury Retrograde cycle! 

Seattle area friends, come join me on August 5 at Sweetgrass Food Co. for the Let's Eclipse Astrology 101 Brunch to explore all of this.

You’ll get a stellar playbook that will help you navigate the opportunities and challenges that this time period may offer and walk away with insights, strategies, self-care suggestions and key dates that will leave you empowered to make the most of this summer.

Through a combination of discussion, Q+A, and white boarding on the Sweetgrass Food Co. Creative Space whitewall, we’ll uncover insights that will have you feel more aligned with inspiration. You will get a personalized handout detailing where the August Eclipses fall in your individual astrology charts and what new cycles these may be ushering in. Brunch will be served family style, from a menu curated by Sweetgrass reflecting the astrological energetics of this time. As it’s Sweetgrass food, it will be 100% Good Food.

I hope you will join us.

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