Astrology provides us with a powerful periscope into better understanding what pulls on our heart strings. We may ask each other "What's your sign?" yet our "Sun signs" only reveal part of the story. Knowing how the Moon, Venus and Mars show up in our personal birth charts reveals more information--and information is power. 

In this Saturday Brunch AstroSalon, held at Sweetgrass Food Co. in downtown Seattle, we'll explore what these planets signify and how you can tap into their power to more consciously navigate your love and creative life. We'll also talk about the upcoming Venus Retrograde, a period that gives us opportunities to re-evaluate just what it is that holds value for us. Through a combination of discussion, Q+A, and white boarding on the Sweetgrass Food Co. Creative Space whitewall, we'll uncover insights that will have you feel more aligned with your individual brand of love and desire. Each participant will get a personalized handout detailing the sign placement of their Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars. 

Stephanie, author of Planetary Apothecary, loves to highlight the synergy between food and astrology, and Sweetgrass is all about 100% Good Food. Therefore, food will play a highlighted role in the AstroSalon, as we enjoy a delicious meal and also talk about foods that can support us during the upcoming Venus Retrograde.

Limited space available. Reserve your spot here. (As part of the AstroSalon, you'll enjoy a delicious brunch prepared by Sweetgrass as well as get a personalized handout that includes insights on your personal astrology chart.)