Mercury Retrograde Capsule Collection



Want to get the most out of this upcoming Mercury Retrograde period, occurring August 12 - September 5?

Here are some resources I've put together for you, different ways that can help you galvanize the opportunities--and navigate the challenges--of this time:

Mercury Retrograde (+ Eclipse) Mini Session

This 20-minute online personal consultation will help you align with insights about what this Mercury Retrograde--as well as the August Eclipses--may inspire for you. These limited-availability sessions are great as they give you on-point awareness for less money than a complete Stellar Guidance consultation. Find out more details here

Mercury Retrograde Room & Body Mist

Made with flower essences noted for catalyzing patience and communication clarity, this Room & Body Mist encourages a go-with-the-flow attitude that can help you mindfully navigate Mercury Retrograde obstacles and opportunities. Clients love this spray, finding it to be a soothing part of their self-care routine (even when Mercury Retrograde isn't happening). Find out more details, including how to order this limited-time product here.