Mercury Retrograde Room & Body Mist


Made with flower essences noted for catalyzing patience and communication clarity, this Room & Body Mist encourages a go-with-the-flow attitude that can help you mindfully navigate Mercury Retrograde obstacles and opportunities. 

Use the Mercury Retrograde Room & Body Mist as a part of your self-care routine, spritzing yourself and/or your surroundings several times a day, or as you feel inspired. As you do, taking a moment to pause and connect to an intention to cultivate calm, creativity, clarity of mind, and communication finesse may further inspire it to become a wellness catalyst during this time.

Keep it with you—on your desk, on your nightstand, in your bag, in your glove compartment, et al.—so it will be accessible whenever you want to enjoy it. 

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When is Mercury Retrograde? 

The current Mercury Retrograde spans November 16 - December 6. The following one occurs March 5 - 28 2019.

What's in the Room & Body Mist?

I individually handcraft each 2 oz. glass bottle of Mercury Retrograde Room & Body Mist with six different flower essences (Aspen, Cosmos, Impatiens, Rock Water, Shasta Daisy, and Star Tulip, all sourced from the Flower Essences Services), organic lavender essential oil, and filtered water. I add organic vodka as a preservative.

What's the best way to use it?

Some ways that people have used the spray include: misting their face; spritzing some in front of them and walking through the aromatic cloud; spraying the doorway before exiting a room; as an air freshener in their home or car; and misting themselves while in the bath. Use it several times a day, or as you feel inspired.

What inspired your creating this product?

Over the years, I have seen how Mercury Retrograde periods can inspire stress for many people. In addition to writing about how it can actually be such a valuable and positive time, giving people strategies to move through potential challenges and take advantage of its timely opportunities, I thought it would be great to create a ritual-oriented product that could be of benefit during these periods. And with my love of and reverence for flower essences, I felt that their alchemical properties would be perfect as the foundation of this wellness elixir.

How can I learn more about navigating Mercury Retrograde?

I’ve written an article that you can find here that talks about how to approach this period of time. Also, if you're interested in knowing more about how this particular period may inspire you, owing to your personal astrology chart, we can schedule a mini-session to focus upon this. Write me to inquire.

Will it protect my computer from crashing and IPhone from breaking? 

☺ While flower essences may appear to be “magical” in terms of how they inspire beautiful energetic shifts to manifest in our mental and emotional outlook, I’m not quite sure that their “magical” qualities extend to protecting technology gear.

Anything else I should know? 

Yes. You shouldn’t use the Mercury Retrograde Room & Body Mist if you or others are sensitive to any of the ingredients. Also watch spraying on delicate fabrics. And as noted on the bottle, it’s for external use only (while flower essences can be taken orally, the Mist also contains lavender essential oil in it and therefore should not be taken internally).

How much is it?

Each bottle is $20. If you order 4, I will send you an additional one for free (they make great gifts). Priority shipping is $8 for up to 5 bottles sent to the same address.

Also, unfortunately at this time, I am only able to ship the Mercury Retrograde Room & Body Mist within the U.S.