Self-Care Strategies for Mercury Retrograde


Many people have a go-to Mercury Retrograde Action Plan: they back up their computers, change the car oil, leave extra time to get from place A to place B, and commit to communicating as clearly as possible.

And yet, even with all their thoughtful tech, transport, and correspondence approaches, they still find themselves feeling a bit frazzled and on edge.

To help you to feel more centered and to minimize stress during the upcoming Mercury Retrograde period (December 2 - 22), here are some strategies to add to your self-care arsenal. They’ll help you relax, get centered, and adopt a go-with-the-flow perspective so helpful to both navigate Mercury Retrograde challenges and take advantage of the opportunities for constructive re-evaluation this time period offers.


Moving our bodies can help to dispel tension and a sense of irritation that may build up somatically during this time. In addition to your regular exercise routine, incorporate movement throughout the day to keep your energy circulating. Whether it’s practicing a few Sun Salutations, going for a walk around the block, or doing a handful of jumping jacks, an exercise break may quickly calm your mind and relax away tension.


Meditation is a pathway to feeling more inner peace. It can also inspire focus, quell anxiety, and enhance creativity. Even if you feel that your busy schedule doesn’t allow you the time for a regular meditation practice, you can still benefit by taking relaxing “time outs.” For example, Take 5! - by just taking five minutes each day to close your eyes and mindfully concentrate on your breath, you’ll have a direct route to experiencing more calm and relaxation.


If your mind is streaming with thoughts during this time, write them down. Keeping a journal can help you not only have a channel for previously undiscovered feelings and ideas but can also be a wonderfully centered and relaxing activity. Consider recording your dreams as well: they may provide great insights into situations, notably those occurring in the past several weeks. Additionally, non-dominant handwriting—where you use your opposite-than-usual hand to write—can be a great way to more readily access the intuitive knowingness we have available at this time.


Essential oils are a great addition to a Mercury Retrograde “first-aid kit.” Whether to calm stress or activate mental processes, aromatherapy is a sensually delightful self-care practice. Need to relax? Consider lavender or chamomile. Mind not focused? Try rosemary. Need a bit of a pick me up? Smell some lemon. Add a few drops of your chosen essential oil to a mister bottle filled with water to easily create a room and body mist to carry with you during your day.

Flower Essences

There are numerous flower essences that can be beneficial during this time. Want support to align your thoughts and the words you use to express them? Try Cosmos. Looking for assistance in listening to your intuition and deep inner wisdom? Try Star Tulip. Want a boost of patience to help you not rush decisions or communications? Try Impatiens.