Hello, Shadow! Astrology and Tarot for a Stellar April 2019

In this episode of So Divine!, Stephanie and Megan explore the astro highlights for April, starting with a potential cosmic hangover from the hazy-dazy energies of messenger Mercury, recently finishing its retrograde cycle, meeting up with Neptune in Pisces. They explore how April features the stationing of three planets—Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn—and how this offers powerful growth, transformation and limits, all being strong themes this month. To bring their insights more alive, they share personal stories from their own journeys, framing them astrologically. They also discuss the full-circle Full Moon in Libra and how the once-again prominent role of Chiron can bring more healing and illumination to our life stories. Plus, learn about the quite potent and powerful Tarot card that Megan has chosen for the month!