Hello, Creative Chaos! Astrology and Tarot for a Stellar May 2019

In this episode of So Divine!, Stephanie and Megan explore the astro highlights for May. They begin with the intensity we experienced towards the end of last month, as the dynamic dance between Saturn and Pluto forced us to look at our deeper selves, and see what structures in our lives may need dismantling and reconstruction. Next, they explore the current prominence of Eris, the dwarf planet that reminds us of the ways in which we fight for justice, notably when we feel we are disenfranchised. They discuss how May is a month of creative chaos given that both Mercury and Venus first connect to Eris and then shake-it-up Uranus. They also talk about the routine-orienting Taurus New Moon and the sexy Scorpio Full Moon. Plus, you’ll learn about the Tarot card for the month and how it gives a beacon that can help you not only navigate May but also the coming year.