So Divine! Podcast

Astrology and Tarot Insights with Stephanie Gailing & Megan Skinner

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Spiritual Counselor Megan Skinner and I have a magical connection. Whenever we get together, we find ourselves embarking upon a rich and lively conversational journey. Our discussions seem to take on a life of their own, weaving together our mutual love of astrology and archetypes, and our backgrounds in the Tarot and wellness coaching. From this perspective, we have created two podcast series: So Divine!, a monthly astrological exploration, and Divine Wisdom, offering insights on life transitions.

So Divine! is a podcast series in which we explore the celestial vibe for the current month. We take you on a journey of the ins-and-outs and all-abouts of the time, sharing astrological insights, Tarot archetypes, and personal stories. We hope you can enjoy these conversations and they leave feeling So Divine!

Episode 3: March 2018

In this episode of So Divine!, Megan and I explore the astrological landscape for March. As it’s a Blue Moon month, we talk about the two Full Moons that occur, as well as the amazing healing potential of the Pisces New Moon. In addition, we discuss wellness suggestions to help you make the most of Mercury Retrograde and the Mars/Saturn conjunction. And of course, we have the Tarot card for the month for added insight.  

Episode 2: February 2018

In this episode of So Divine!, Megan and I explore the astrological landscape for February, including the Solar Eclipse on the 15th as well as the Piscean inspirations that weave throughout the end of the month. We chat about the Year of the Dog, offer wellness tips, and explore the Tarot card of the month (Justice) and how its wisdom can help us navigate this time.

Episode 1: January 2018

In the launch episode of So Divine!, Megan and I discuss some astrological highlights of 2018--including Jupiter in Scorpio, Saturn in Capricorn, and Uranus moving into Taurus--as well as the Full Moon, New Moon and Lunar Eclipse in January. Listen in below.

 Megan Skinner & Stephanie Gailing

Megan Skinner & Stephanie Gailing