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Spiritual Counselor Megan Skinner and I have a magical connection. Whenever we get together, we find ourselves embarking upon a rich and lively conversational journey. Our discussions seem to take on a life of their own, weaving together our mutual love of astrology and archetypes, and our backgrounds in the Tarot and wellness coaching. From this perspective, we have created two podcast series: So Divine!, a monthly astrological exploration, and Divine Wisdom, offering insights on life transitions.

So Divine! is a podcast series in which we explore the celestial vibe for the current month. We take you on a journey of the ins-and-outs and all-abouts of the time, sharing astrological insights, Tarot archetypes, and personal stories. We hope you can enjoy these conversations and they leave feeling So Divine!

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Latest Episodes

Hello, Neptune! Astrology and Tarot for a Stellar June 2019

In this episode of So Divine!, Megan and I explore the celestial landscape for June. We focus in on the planet Neptune, named after the mythical god of the sea, and how it plays a starring role in the astrological sky just as we’re inviting in the energy field of July’s eclipses. We discuss how during this time of life-shifting possibilities, we may connect to our dreams and longings, and find that by turning to our intuition and imagination we can find the pathway for transformative clarity. Plus, we discuss the importance of unearthing the power in your words and actions, given Pluto’s connection to Mercury and Mars, as well as this month’s Gemini New Moon and Sagittarius Full Moon. We end with the Tarot card for June, bringing more illumination to our journeys.

Hello, Creative Chaos! Astrology and Tarot for a Stellar May 2019

In this episode of So Divine!, Megan and I explore the astro highlights for May. We begin with the intensity we experienced towards the end of last month, as the dynamic dance between Saturn and Pluto forced us to look at our deeper selves, and see what structures in our lives may need dismantling and reconstruction. Next, we explore the current prominence of Eris, the dwarf planet that reminds us of the ways in which we fight for justice, notably when we feel like we are disenfranchised. We also discuss how May is a month of creative chaos given that both Mercury and Venus first connect to Eris and then shake-it-up Uranus. We talk about the routine-orienting Taurus New Moon and the sexy Scorpio Full Moon. Plus, you’ll learn about the Tarot card for the month and how it gives a beacon that can help you not only navigate May but also the coming year. 

Hello, Shadow! Astrology And Tarot For A Stellar April 2019

In this episode of So Divine!, Megan and I explore the astro highlights for April, starting with a potential cosmic hangover from the hazy-dazy energies of messenger Mercury, recently finishing its retrograde cycle, meeting up with Neptune in Pisces. We explore how April features the stationing of three planets—Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn—and how this offers powerful growth, transformation and limits, all being strong themes this month. To bring our insights more alive, we share personal stories from own own lives, framing them astrologically. We also discuss the full-circle Full Moon in Libra and how the once-again prominent role of Chiron can bring more healing and illumination to our life stories. Plus, learn about the quite potent and powerful Tarot card that Megan has chosen for the month!

Hello, Water! Astrology and Tarot for a Stellar March 2019

In this edition of So Divine!, Megan and I surf the watery, soulful energies of March. We discuss the astrological highlights, including a whole lot of Pisces energy, with Mercury’s extended stay in the sign of flow and fluidity and what its contemplative retrograde cycle may yield. The other big story in March is Uranus’ big shift into Taurus. This is a major sea change in our collective and individual consciousness, and we look forward to what its changing zeitgeist may bring. We then talk about how Full Moon—which occurs on the Equinox—lights and lightens us up. And of course, tune in to learn about the Tarot card for the month!    

Hello, Year of the Pig! Astrology and Tarot for a Stellar February 2019

In this edition of So Divine!, Megan and I first talk about the Chinese (Lunar) New Year, beginning February 5; the Year of the Pig ushers in a period filled with expansive and joyful energies, yet one in which we also want to make sure to keep an eye on the bottom line! They take note of Chiron's shift into Aries, discussing what this may mean for our collective healing journey over the coming years. Also, learn more about this month’s volatile yet liberating hook-up between Mars and Uranus as well as tapping into Venus’ value-oriented vibe as she partners with numerous planets. And, as always, you’ll get more illumination into the feel of February through their discussion of this month’s Tarot card.

Hello, Eclipses! Astrology and Tarot for a Stellar January 2019

In this episode of So Divine!, Megan and I explore the celestial happenings for January, a month of Eclipses that begins with a bang. With the first week featuring the Capricorn Solar Eclipse and shake-it-up Uranus shifting direct, we enter the new year with a desire to embrace a no-nonsense approach to revolutionizing facets of our lives. We also discuss the Leo Lunar Eclipse and how it encourages us to be more heart centered, notably when it comes to moving forward with awareness that we’ve gained over the past year. In addition, you’ll learn about the alignments that dreamy Neptune makes and why it’s important to focus on our boundaries and get clear about how we define what’s real and what isn’t. And, of course, you’ll gain insights from the tarot card of the month!

Hello 2019! Astrology and Tarot for a Stellar Year

In this special episode of So Divine!, Stephanie and Megan explore the celestial landscape for 2019, offering insight to help you to successfully navigate the year. Their discussion includes Uranus shifting into earthy Taurus and the stellar role that soulful and dreamy Neptune will play. They also look ahead to the transformative vibe of 2020, with a preview of its major astrological happenings. In addition, they look at 2019 from a Chinese astrology perspective, talking about the potential abundance and generosity the Year of the Earth Pig offers. And, you’ll learn about the tarot card that embraces the gifts that this year brings.

Megan Skinner & Stephanie Gailing

Megan Skinner & Stephanie Gailing