Inspiring Sleep + Dreams

I believe that good sleep and a connection to the wisdom of our dreams are foundational to well-being. Therefore, in alignment with my focus on Stellar Life Guidance, I weave sleep and dreamwork into my client work, education offerings, and insights that I share in publications. Here are some highlights of my work in this realm.


As part of my Stellar Guidance Sessions, I share lifestyle and self-care strategies—sleep sanctification rituals, relaxation practices, flower essences, and/or other holistic approaches—that can amplify my clients’ sense of well-being. And for those who are interested in exploring their dreams, I also weave dreamwork into the session, using an astrologically reflective process that can yield further insights into the awareness that their dreams are bringing forth.

ONGOING Projects

#WhatDidYouDreamLastNight? is a weekly collective dream journal that I offer on Monday’s on my Instagram profile. Its intention is to create a shared space where can honor and share our dreams.


Living Your Dream Life, Monthly Guide for Inner Circle Program (Online)

Previously taught classes

Design Happy Hour: Sleep and Dreams Workshop (The Cloud Room, Seattle)

Dreams and the Tarot Workshop (Moorea Seal, Seattle)

The Sleep Well, Dream Well Salon (Juicebox, Seattle)

Astrology + Dreams (Online)

How to Interpret Your Dreams Using Astrology (Online)

P40 Dream Life Intensive (Online)


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