Stellar Lookbook: Astrological Insights for Capricorn Season

Cap Season.jpg

I'm excited to share my latest Stellar Lookbook with you. This one is designed to help you navigate Capricorn season, the time that spans December 21, 2017 to January 19, 2018. 

It will give you a periscope into the opportunities and challenges that Capricorn season may inspire, providing you with insights, inspirations, and strategies that can help you navigate and plan for this time with more confidence, wisdom, ease, and well-being. 

Like my Fall 2017 Stellar Lookbook, this one is an online module that you can do at your own pace from anywhere. It features a multi-media design, complete with audio recordings, images, and downloadable notes. Yet, different than that one, it features a cool new feature I'm excited to share with you (see below for more details).

Features Include:

  • Key Dates
  • Inspirations and Challenges
  • Physio Focuses and Wellness Targets
  • Flower Essences
  • Self-Care Activities
  • Stellar Reflection Questions for Journalling 
  • Information on the Lunar Cycle
  • Reflections on the January 1st Full Moon, with its own dedicated audio recording
  • Reflections on the January 16th New Moon that occurs, with its own dedicated audio recording
  • Photographic Images that capture facets of inspiration
  • Self-paced, unlimited access
  • Plus......a cool new feature....


New Calendar Feature with Stellar Reflection Questions!

I designed a new feature for the Stellar Lookbook that I think you'll love. Called the Stellar Datebook, this interactive calendar features information on when different planetary activities occur throughout Capricorn season. 

In addition to seeing when the Full Moon and New Moon are, you'll have easy access to seeing when planets align, station, or ingress into a new sign. So, for example, your detailed peek at the month will show you that on January 2nd Uranus stations direct, on January 14th there's a Sun/Uranus Square, on January 17th Venus enters Aquarius, and much much more. In fact, the Stellar Datebook includes information on 28 planetary events happening over Capricorn Season

Here's a peek at what the January portion looks like. Note that you can hover over a date and see the alignment/s occurring.

stellar datebook jan 1.png


Yet, with the Stellar Datebook won't just know when the planetary events happen, but will learn how to channel the invitation that they provide. How? By using the Stellar Reflection Questions that I've created for each planetary alignment. In fact, you'll find over 80 Stellar Reflection Questions, which you can use for journalling prompts, conversation catalysts, or themes to meditate upon.

Here's an example of one of the planetary event pages, this for the Sun/Uranus Square, and the Stellar Reflection Questions that it features:

uranus sun.jpg

As you may know, I find questions to be exceptionally powerful tools for enhancing inspiration and awareness, and so I'm thrilled about including these in this Stellar Datebook and as part of this new Stellar Lookbook.

(Note: Currently, the Stellar Datebook is viewable as part of the Stellar Lookbook module and isn't able to be downloaded to your own personal calendar system. That said, that feature is something I'm going to be looking into.)


Sign Up for the Stellar Lookbook!

Stellar Lookbook: Astrological Insights for Capricorn Season is only $15.


Once you sign up for the course, I will send you a confirmation, and then when the course is released I will send you another email that contains the URL and password to access it. 

I'm so happy that you're considering getting this Stellar Lookbook and using it as a compass to navigate the coming months. I look forward to creating more for you--on the topics of astrology, wellness, sleep, dreams, and mindfulness. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to write me.