Photo by Jose Ignacio Gonzalez Pansiera via Unsplash

Photo by Jose Ignacio Gonzalez Pansiera via Unsplash

April 29, 2018: Scorpio Full Moon

During the Scorpio Full Moon, we experience the juxtaposition of the practical (Taurus, the sign of the Sun) and the emotional (Scorpio, the sign of the Moon). The interplay between these two signs helps us to forge an awareness that what we see—what has form—is reliant upon that which is unseen but deeply felt.

As it reflects the relationship between the ground (Taurus) and the underground (Scorpio), a garden is a great image to consider when looking at the meaning of this Full Moon. Our senses appreciate the glory of the flowers, trees, ferns, and other earthly Taurean gems that flourish. Yet, it’s important to remember that none of this growth would be possible were it not for that which occurs out of sight, below the surface—such as the complex root structure, the hardworking earthworms, and the decay that feeds the soil. What we are called on to appreciate during this time is that the beauty we see is not just on the surface but also exists in the places that we may often shy away from, those we may consider “unseemly” or “dirty” or “out of bounds.”

There is a tenacity that fills the air during this time since both signs are known for this quality: Taurus is stubborn and likes to do what it wants while Scorpio clenches tightly to that which it desires to possess. Combine this with the sexuality inherent in both signs—Taurus from the perspective of enjoying the sensual and Scorpio because of its appreciation of transformative experiences—and you’re looking at a time that may be infused with passion and pleasure.

This Full Moon connects to Saturn. Both the Sun and Saturn are in earth sign--the Sun in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn—and make a harmonious trine connection, while the Moon in Scorpio makes a supportive sextile alignment with Saturn. The prominence of give-it-shape Saturn reflects that what comes to light during this Full Moon may have weight and gravity. It may help us to manifest things that have substance, which can assist us to further craft design principles that help architect our efforts to creatively and responsibly be an agent for and author of our lives.

This month’s Full Moon falls at 10 degrees of Taurus (Sun) and Scorpio (Moon). While everyone experiences the energies of a Full Moon, if you have planets or pivotal points (i.e., Ascendant/Descendant or Nadir/Midheaven) around this degree in Taurus, Scorpio, or the other fixed signs—Leo and Aquarius—it may impact you more intensely.

Scorpio Full Moon Stellar Reflection Questions

  • What do I need to help me uncover a deeper level of sensuality?
  • How can I transform my relationship to money?
  • How can I find the tenacity to undo habits that no longer serve me?
  • What tools do I need to further dig below the surface of a situation in order to excavate the value that resides there?

Scorpio Full Moon Apothecary Suggestions

Taurus is associated with the neck, throat, and inner ears while Scorpio is associated with the genitals, bladder, and large intestine. Pay extra attention to these parts of the body around the time of this Full Moon.

Flower bath: Submerge your body in a sensuality-inspiring bath. Fill a small drawstring muslin bag (available at health and beauty-aid stores) with petals or dried buds from your favorite fragrant flowers. While the bath is filling, hang the flower bag on the tub’s spout, and then let it float in the water after the bath is ready. (If you have a good drain cover, consider floating some petals themselves in the bath.) Enhance the aromatics of your experience by adding a few drops of floral essential oils—such as jasmine, rose, or rose geranium—mixed in with some minerals salts to the bath.

Mud therapy: Mud holds great therapeutic benefits, including detoxification and muscle relaxation. As mud reflects aspects of Taurus (the earth) and Scorpio (the dark and dirty), treatments using this powerful material are well suited during this Full Moon. Many spas offer body polishing mud treatments (also known as fangotherapy). Or purchase some mud at a natural apothecary, applying it as a mask to your face and/or body, reveling in its ability to uncover more of your natural beauty.

The Full Moon is exact at 8:58 pm EDT


May 15, 2018: Taurus New Moon

When the New Moon occurs in Taurus we have a great opportunity to look within and see what it is that brings us comfort and a greater sense of security. Taking the time to examine what activities and earthly delights yield pleasure can help you discover a sense of rootedness that can serve you well in the coming year.

As part of this exercise, think about your habits: Do they actually serve your personal needs for health and happiness or is the pleasure they provide mostly linked to their familiarity? Do they assist you in productively structuring your life or are they on some level limiting, as they don’t let you move readily outside of a narrowly defined comfort zone? Reflecting upon your routines and rituals can be a great fount of awareness during the yearly Taurus New Moon.

As Taurus is a very sensual sign, it’s a good time to listen to music, surround yourself with fragrant flowers, work for hours in the garden, or engage in other experiences that give you pleasure. Your kinesthetic senses may be especially heightened today and can serve as an additional tool to tune into how you feel about certain situations and people. For example, if you’re wondering whether you should pursue a certain project, let the idea of it sit within you and tune into how your body feels. Do you feel relaxed and comforted or jumpy and agitated? Your body may be able to help you filter truths that your mind is unable to clearly perceive.

Now, this day is far from your regular Taurus New Moon. The reason? Also today, cherish-the-irregular Uranus moves into the sign of Taurus, where it hasn’t resided since 1942. And with Mars zipping into Aquarius today, and making a square aspect to Uranus, the feeling of being shaken out of the ordinary is likely being activated. On any given day, that stirring may feel chaotic, creative, and keep us on our toes. Yet given that Taurus isn’t the biggest fan of surprises, unexpected shifts in rhythms, and change in general, it seems like there’s a delicate balance that may want to be maintained this week if we’re not to feel too riled up.

Here are three perspectives to consider that may help you to maintain this sense of balance:

1/ Remember that the knowledge itself that it may be necessary to detour from well-laid plans can help us have confidence in our ability to be adaptable should we need to call upon it, allaying the stress that comes from feeling caught off guard.

2/ See how opening up to a new level of connection to your body, and connection to the earth, can give you a greater level of personal security than previously known.

3/ Reflect upon how being nimble and flexible can actually be quite practical and pragmatic.

Uranus’s entry into Taurus on this day doesn’t signal its fixed residence in this sign of fixity. It’s actually a preview period since Uranus actually charges back into Aries on November 6. It will firmly plant itself in Taurus next year, on March 6, where it will dwell until 2026. Look for more reflections on Uranus in Taurus in upcoming articles that I will share with you.

This Taurus New Moon falls at 25 degrees of Taurus (Sun and Moon). While everyone experiences the energies of the New Moon, if you have planets or pivotal points (i.e., Ascendant/Descendant or Nadir/Midheaven) around this degree in Taurus or the other fixed signs—Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius—it may impact you more intensely.

Taurus New Moon Stellar Reflection Questions

  • What do I consider to be the epitome of a pleasurable experience?
  • How can I forge a deeper connection to the earth?
  • How would being a bit more pragmatic help me accomplish the goals that I’ve set for myself?
  • How can I still find a deep sense of security even when I’m regularly being called to shift directions?    

Taurus New Moon Apothecary Suggestions

Taurus rules the neck, throat, inner ears, and thyroid gland. Pay extra attention to these parts of the body around the time of this New Moon.

Chestnut bud flower essence: Sometimes habits can be supportive and necessary to create productive structure in our lives. Other times they can hold us back or keep us in an unsupportive loop of behavior. In the latter case, we may derive great comfort from doing the same thing again and again, even if we know that it’s not necessarily something that is in our highest interest. If you find yourself stuck in a “been there, done that, but I’ll do that again” rut and would like assistance releasing it, consider Chestnut Bud flower essence. It’s a great natural remedy to use when we need a little assistance breaking out of well-tread but unsupportive routines. (Flower essences are made from flower-infused water and work energetically to restore emotional and mental balance. You can find them in natural food stores or holistic pharmacies.)

Honey and lemon tea: Enjoy a soothing cup of honey and lemon tea. Its warmth is nurturing while the honey and lemon serve as wonderful balms for the throat. If possible, use raw honey (unless you’re pregnant or immunocompromised), which has more antioxidants, and juice from a fresh lemon rather than a bottle. For more throat support, add a tea bag of slippery elm or marshmallow root, two herbs known for their palliative qualities.

The New Moon is exact at 7:48 am EDT

Uranus shifts into Taurus at 11:23 am EDT