Turning: 40 AstroSalon {Seattle}


Turning 40 or recently turned 40, and looking to gain insights to help you navigate this turning point with greater ease, awareness, confidence and intention?

Then you'll love the Turning: 40 AstroSalon.

In this small group gathering, you'll come together with others your age, and I'll facilitate conversations through which we'll explore current opportunities, challenges and questions arising during this time. Though shared dialogue, you'll discover insights about the path you've charted while also uncovering the goals you want to design for the next decade of your life.

So that you can have a greater framework of perspectives and strategies, we'll talk about the Neptune Square, the astrological shift you move through as you transition from your 30s to your 40s. I'll share insights about the Pluto and Neptune Squares in general as well as give each participant personalized insights based upon their individual astrology chart. Through this, you'll gain additional awareness that will help you navigate your life with greater understanding.

In advance of the Salon, you'll receive Stellar Reflection Questions, prompts that can be used for journaling as well as catalysts for our shared dialogues.


Thursday, June 30:  6:30 pm - 8:15 pm


Office/loft in Capitol Hill, Seattle (address sent upon registration)


$45 (includes AstroSalon, personalized astrological insights, Stellar Reflection Questions and bubbly beverages) 


Salon limited to five (5) participants, and geared for those 38 – 41 years of age.

Bubbly beverages will be served. Feel free to bring snacks or your dinner.


Register here. Once you do, I will write you to get your birthday information so I can prepare your individual astrology chart and provide you with the address of the AstroSalon. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to write me.


The Turning: 40 AstroSalon is part of Turnings, a series of individual and group sessions I've designed for those who are moving from one decade to the next, and want to do so with greater ease, awareness, confidence, and intention.