Stellar Guidance Sessions

I'd love to do a stellar Guidance Session with you

My astrology-inspired Stellar Guidance Sessions will give you a framework to understand the past, a way to recognize patterns unfolding in the present, and a self-aware vantage point from which to view the future. 

Through a process of guided inquiry and reflection, in a space held with compassion and non-judgment, we’ll explore the life transitions you are moving through as well as the questions and decisions you find yourself facing. We’ll use your astrology chart as a foundation to further explore and understand your personal goals, challenges, and decision-making considerations, whether in your career, relationships, health, finances, or any other realm of your life.

We'll discuss lifestyle and self-care strategies—relaxation practices, dietary guidance, flower essences, sleep sanctification rituals and/or other holistic approaches—that can amplify your sense of well-being. And if you'd like, we can also weave dreamwork into the session, using an astrologically reflective process that can yield further insights into the awareness that your dreams are bringing forth.

Also included in each session is a series of follow-up emails or text, a process we co-design that encourages you to galvanize the commitment and accountability necessary to meet your chosen goals.

Stellar Guidance Sessions for couples and teamwork building for groups are also available.


What Clients Say About Our Work

It's sometimes hard for me to fully give words to the transformative impact of the work that I do with clients. Reflective of this, I've found that a wonderful way to describe my work is through how my clients reflect the experience and benefits of our Stellar Guidance Sessions. If you'd like to hear more abuot what it's like to work with me through the voice of my clients, see here.


Session Structure and Fees

I offer in-person sessions in Seattle (or in cities in which I am traveling), or via telephone or Skype for clients worldwide. Initial sessions are 75 minutes while follow-up/ongoing sessions can be the same length or 30 minutes.

* 75-minute session: $150

* 30-minute session: $80


How Often Should I Have a Stellar Guidance Session?

Schedule a Stellar Guidance Session whenever you feel called to gain more insights and awareness. Some clients consult with me biweekly, some yearly, and others at intervals in between.

We can also work together in a concentrated period of time if you're undertaking a new goal or you're in the midst of transition. I see this work like Life Coaching with a stellar twist: as I guide, support and cheerlead you in pursuit of your goals, you'll also receive astrological insights that will give you personalized perspectives, strategies, and timing considerations that will give you further clarity, motivation and momentum. For those doing this ongoing work, I make myself available to you between sessions to help guide, support and encourage you along the way towards reaching your goals.


Schedule a Session

It's easy to schedule a session. Just send me a note and I'll send you a link to my online calendar so you can find the day and time that works best for you. If you're a new client, after you schedule your session, I'll send you a follow-up email with a brief questionnaire—including request for birthday information, et al.—that will help me prepare for your session.

If you're interested in gaining more information before you schedule your session, don't hesitate to write me. And, if you're interested in learning more about working together on an ongoing basis, similar to life coaching, we can set up a time to talk about that on the phone, if you would like.