As summer shifts to fall, the sky and weather begin to change, as does the kairos, the feeling of the time, the landscape of opportunities and challenges that this time affords us.

Looking to astrological alignments, we can better understand the kairos of the fall, which should have quite a different feeling than the previous months. Our focus turns to relationships, as well as how to discover growth through digging below the surface. We're also priming ourselves for a period of time where being innovative, re-jigging patterns, and standing a bit outside of the proverbial box may be inspire great reward.

If you'd like a periscope into the panorama of fall, rife with insights that will help you more confidently navigate and plan the coming months, then join astrologer and wellness consultant Stephanie Gailing on September 20 at the Cloud Room for this gathering.

In this AstroSalon, we'll explore the canvas of falls's celestially inspired themes including:

  • The Value of Partnerships (Jupiter in Libra)
  • Expanding through Going Deep (Jupiter/Pluto Square)
  • Change or Be Changed (Jupiter/Uranus Opposition)
  • Surrender to Peace (Neptune/Node Connection)
  • And more…

At this stellar gathering, you'll get insights, key dates, and wellness strategies that will inspire your confidence to navigate the opportunities and challenges that fall 2016 may offer.


Date: Tuesday, September 20

Time: 6:30-8:30pm (talk begins at 7:00pm)

Where: Cloud Room, 1424 11th Avenue, 4th floor of Chophouse Row, Seattle

Fee: $18

Questions: If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me a note.

Register here.