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The weekly edition is sent out each Monday and includes the astrology insights for the upcoming weeks as well as any articles that I've just posted. This version of Elixir will help you to stay in touch with astrological and wellness insights on a more ongoing basis.


Monthly Elixir

If you'd rather receive stellar insights once each month, this version of Elixir is great. It is sent out just as/after the Sun shifts into a different sign, and includes the monthly Stellar Lookbook that helps you to better understand the opportunities and challenges related to this time. For each month, the Stellar Lookbook features:

Photo by Jordan Whitfield via Unsplash

Photo by Jordan Whitfield via Unsplash

* Inspirations and Challenges

* Physio Focus

* Wellness Target

* Self-Care Activities

* Flower Essences

* Insights into the Full and New Moons, including targeted Stellar Reflection Questions and Apothecary Suggestions

* Photo montage that captures the spirit of the month's energetics.