Upcoming Classes/Events

Below you'll find an overview of the classes, both online and in-person, that I am teaching. Click on the associated link to find more details on each, including how to register. 


October 4 (Online)

Astrology + Dreams

In this online class you’ll learn how to work with your dreams in alignment with the lunar cycles, your personal chart, and the kairos (including a focus on the upcoming Venus Retrograde). In addition, you’ll gain strategies to better remember and record your dreams. More details can be found here.

October 9 (Seattle)

Design Happy Hour: Sleep and DREAMS WORKSHOP

I'm really happy to partner with Wildern again to lead another Design Happy Hour at The Cloud Room. In this one, you’ll learn about sleep- and dream-inspiring rituals as well as tips to better recall and record your dreams. You’ll get a take-home kit that will help you begin to design your own dream temple. More details and registration info here.

February 14, 2019 (Seattle)

Astrology + Dreams

I'm excited to give this lecture on astrology and dreams as part of the Washington State Astrological Association's education series. It's open to astrologers and the astrology-interested alike.