April's Podcast Episode


My god/dess - what a month April already is! 

The Aries dynamic has us fast and furiously wanting to initiate new creative acts, yet all the while Mercury Retrograde is urging us to have the patience to sort through things before we do: talk about feeling like we’re in the midst of mixed message melange.

And then there’s mid-month—with the shake-it-up Aries New Moon on the 15th connecting to Uranus, all the while we need to focus in on the integrity and structure of what we’re architecting, thanks to the Saturn Station. And that only brings us to mid-April!

If you're looking for a fun and upbeat way to learn how to orient towards and sequence this dynamic and complex month, to work with the astrological invitations, check out So Divine! for April. So Divine! is the monthly podcast I do with clairvoyant and tarot reader Megan Skinner, in which we explore each month from an astrological and tarot archetype perspective.

You can find So Divine! on my website or on iTunes (where you can subscribe so you can get episodes immediately as they are released).


Stellar Guidance Sessions

My astrology-inspired Stellar Guidance Sessions will give you a framework to understand the past, a way to recognize patterns unfolding in the present, and a self-aware vantage point from which to view the future. 

Through a process of guided inquiry and reflection, in a space held with compassion and non-judgment, we’ll explore the life transitions you are moving through as well as the questions and decisions you find yourself facing. We’ll use your astrology chart as a foundation to further explore and understand your personal goals, challenges, and decision-making considerations, whether in your career, relationships, health, finances, or any other realm of your life.

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Libra Full Moon: Being Diligent About Balancing the I, You, and We

The Libra Full Moon calls upon us to integrate our desires with those of the people with whom we are in relationship. It can help us gain insight into whether our approach to accommodating our needs and those of others is a balanced one or whether the scale is tipped to one side. (For example, do we over accommodate others to the detriment of own needs, or vice versa?) Additionally, it’s an opportunity to inventory whether we are being our true selves when relating to others rather than being the person we think they want us to be.

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Navigating Mercury Retrograde

The current Mercury retrograde cycle spans March 22 - April 15.

Retrograde periods are times for reflection and heightened inner awareness. When you think of how to approach this period, just remember the first two letters of the word retrograde—“re”—and apply it to the activities you undertake. As such, Mercury Retrograde periods are a great time to reassess, review, reanalyze, revisit, rethink, re-edit, and recommunicate. Looking at it through this lens, you will begin to see how this time period can actually yield great benefit as you can discover things that you may not have previously seen, things that allow you to refine the integrity of your creativity and communications.

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Virgo Full Moon: The Grace of Precision

The Virgo Full Moon calls on us to see both the differences and the similarities. While we may be drawn to classify and criticize, remembering that everything is connected—even if we can’t immediately perceive it—can yield a greater acceptance of self and others. This Full Moon provides an opportune time to focusing on healing imbalances in our physical bodies through meditation, prayer, dreamwork, and our creative imagination.

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Aquarius Solar Eclipse: In Service of Humanity

This month's Aquarius New Moon is actually a Solar Eclipse. Even if we can’t see a Solar Eclipse in the sky where we live, these celestial events are renowned for being very powerful in the way in which they can impact our lives. Oftentimes, life-changing events or reflections occur around the time of an Eclipse. Yet, remember that reflective of the word itself, things are often ‘eclipsed’ around the time of Eclipses. As such, you may find yourself feeling like there is a sea change in your life, that seeds are being planted, yet not clear what it will be that will bear fruit.

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