Everybody Hurts - Chiron and Healing

In Greek mythology, Chiron was a revered healer, who taught medicine and other healing arts to a great many who would carry on his legacy. Wounded one day by a poison arrow, Chiron who could deliver healing to all, was not able to find a personal salve to heal his own painful wound. He choose to sacrifice his immortality so as to release suffering of a fellow god, Prometheus, and in doing so, Chiron continued his contribution to providing the gifts of healing and compassion to humanity.

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Stellar Reflections: Saturn

Patience is a virtue.

I love that axiom and feel like I have even more appreciation for it this week owing to the Saturn station on Saturday. 

It just feels like a great reminder for this week, a week in which it may feel like it's taking more time than usual to knock things off our to-do lists or address things that need to be dealt with. 

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Leo Healthstrology: Wellness Tips for This Creative and Heart-Centered Time

The Sun is currently in Leo, where it will continue to roar through August 22. And while this time may provide us with a greater desire to have fun, express our unique selves and add more color to our lives, this period--like all others--may also offer us an array of unique challenges.

If you're looking to gain insights and strategies that will help you navigate through Leo season with a greater sense of well-being, check out my latest Healthstrology article on AstroStyle.

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