Stellar Insights: October 28 - November 3, 2019

The week begins with a feeling that things are beginning anew. After all, the Scorpio New Moon occurred late last night.

Yet, what may feel anew may be something unexpected given that this New Moon connected in with Uranus, with the planet of revolution opposing both the Sun and Moon. Consider what feels shaken up and what’s shaking out because of shifting perspectives brought on by surprising occurrences.

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Stellar Insights: October 21 - 27, 2019

Animated. Assertive. Agitated.

As the week begins, we may find that we’re amped up, galvanized into action to fight for fairness, equality, and/or beauty. What gets us onto the playing field may also be a call to protect the sanctity of a relationship or a desire to champion for it to be more encouraging or inspiring.

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Scorpio New Moon: The Surprises That Hidden Treasures Yield

New Moons signify a time for beginnings. When this celestial event occurs in Scorpio what which we are called to initiate are the ways that we can connect more deeply to our essential nature, finding the inherent resources that may reside in the inner sanctum of our hearts and minds. Scorpio represents that which is hidden, the unseen, the things that are kept in the dark, including our deepest emotions. When you say or feel “I don’t want to go there” or “It feels intense going there” what you are likely alluding to is often at least partially the realm of Scorpio.

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Stellar Insights: October 14 - 20, 2019

Sometimes it’s important to luxuriate, to have a leisurely pace as we move through an experience.

Of course, when we’re enchanted by a beautiful event, a gathering filled with sybaritic pleasures, or a meaningful tête-à-tête, we want to savor every moment, steeping ourselves in its richness, and proceed in an unhurried tempo.

It’s the intense experiences—those that inspire deep stirrings, that call forth powerful and even uncomfortable thoughts and feelings—that we usually want to rush through. We want them behind us so that we don’t have to feel their rattlings, face their siren’s call, and galvanize the courage that it takes to make the changes towards which they are pointing us.

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Stellar Insights: October 7 - 13, 2019

Being present is a present, a gift that allows us to root in to the moment, to plant ourselves in the here, and to truly hear. Being in the moment creates a stillness that allows us to be aware of the movement, whether of a tree rustling, a child emotion’s shifting, or the waves of our mind’s chatter. And in that knowingness we discover a new ability to wayfind, to navigate our lives with deeper vision, greater confidence, and a stillness that taps us into reservoirs of beauty rather than just pools of fear and consternation.

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