Stellar Insights: March 18 - 24, 2019

As the week begins, we’re still floating in a sea where things feel dissolved and connected, where separation may feel like an illusion. This yielding may yield experiences that touch upon the magical and yet they can also yield feelings that touch on the overwhelming, as if we feel a moment away from the tides of emotions overtaking us. Find a way to keep your heart open and compassionate while also maintaining a steady state as you ride the waves of the ever-connected.

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Libra Full Moon: We, I + You

The Libra Full Moon calls upon us to integrate our desires with those of the people with whom we are in relationship. It can help us gain insight into whether our approach to accommodating our needs and those of others is a balanced one or whether the scale is tipped to one side. (For example, do we over accommodate others to the detriment of own needs, or vice versa?)

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Stellar Insights: March 4 - 10, 2019

U-Turns and You Turns: this feels like one of the poignant themes for the week.

It is mirrored in Mercury beginning its three-week retrograde cycle on Tuesday, a time when it appears to shift directions, doing a U-Turn of sorts when the retrograde begins. And as the planet of communication orients in a new direction* so should we. When Mercury does a U-Turn, it also seems to behoove us to do the same: to look at things from a new angle, to retrace our steps, and to appreciate that we are in a period where things are moving in a different direction.

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Pisces New Moon: Allowance

The yearly Pisces New Moon offers us an opportunity to initiate new ways in which we can dive into our well of compassion, our artistic nature, and our knowingness that we are a reflection of and connected to everything. We may open into that Piscean space where boundaries disappear and empathy flows. It invites us to allow, surrender and go with the flow.

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A Dreamy Urban Retreat: The Overnight at The Collective (March 30)

Remember when you were younger and you'd gather overnight and have a sleepover party, an evening filled with friends, fun, food, and the freedom that comes from just hanging out?

A few months ago, I was chatting with some wellness practitioner friends about this, reminiscing about our slumber party experiences, and thought: What if we designed modern sleepover retreats held at beautiful spots, and filled them with soul-enriching and wellness-inspiring activities?

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