Surrendering Stories on the Pisces Solar Eclipse

You know those statements you say about yourself that include the word "always" or "never"?

I can never do X.

Y will never happen to me.

People always act this way to me when I do Z.

And the like.

Think about the one/s that are your front runners, those that come instinctively and you hear yourself thinking/saying again and again.

Then really think about them. Are they really true? Do you truly have validation that this is definitely the way things are and always will be.

Or are they a story that you tell yourself?

We all have these stories, plot lines and character descriptions we made up that were initiated at some point in our life, likely in our childhood. Their genesis was usually an event that was frustrating, or hurtful, or shocking, or disappointing.

And we took whatever occurred and whatever meaning we thought it to have and stamped it upon us.

"This is the way I am and this is the way it will always be." may have told ourselves

But what if it's just a story. What if it's actually not true?

It feels like a great time now to check in with our stories. Consider the most prominent and etched ones that you tell your self about your self. Sit with them, be with them, and really see whether they are true.

See if you can see the illusion of any of them. And with that, see how you feel, how may it look to set them aside and to live life through a lens of greater possibility not encumbered by a story that may have served you in the past but no longer does not, as it doesn't align with the truth of who you are.

I share this today, thinking about the Pisces Solar Eclipse that ties into Chiron and Jupiter.