Taurus Meets Scorpio: The Sultriness of Connecting to Earth


I discovered the artist Eric Landon, also known as Tortus Copenhagen last night on Instagram. It was this short video that struck me in its beauty, and as it being so resonant with with this current Full Moon, with the Sun in Taurus--the sign reflective of earth/clay--and the Moon in Scorpio--the sign of sexy, metamorphosis, and getting dirty. I then went to YouTube and found this other gorgeous video (below) of him reverently being with and transforming the clay. 

And even as time extends and we gain distance from the Full Moon, I think that these videos are lovely as a way to embrace the Taurus/Scorpio polarity as well as the rest of Taurus season, which we'll be stepping through until May 20.

Consider how during this time, you put your energy into elements of the earth, transform their matrix, create something exquisite, all the while pleasing your senses through the experience of doing so.