Architecting Your Dreams...and Other Saturn/Neptune Inspirations


The planets Saturn and Neptune have been in a square dance with each other since last fall, an intertwining connection that will continue for the next several months. And while an astrological alignment of this sort is threaded over a period of time as they ebb and flow out of exact alignment, the times when planets directly connect is when we often experience peaks in our awareness of the archetypes that they represent.

This Friday (June 17) is second of the three exact Saturn/Neptune Squares. The first was on November 26 of last year (Thanksgiving day in the U.S.) and the third will be on this upcoming September 10.

So, this week really feels like a fulcrum point of the kairos pulsing with these in/forming energetics.

Mind you, on the surface of it all, Saturn and Neptune don't seem to readily be easy bedfellow.

Saturn represents the material world, finitude, consensus reality, and borders. Saturn makes us work for things, honors the value of time, and reminds us not to take things for granted. There's a dark and drying feeling to Saturn.

Neptune represents the spiritual realm, the infinite with no beginning nor ending, and that there is no separation because everything is connected and of the same source. Neptune is the reflection of unconditional love, walking-in-your-shoes empathy, and the imaginal realm in which if we envision it we feel it is real. There's a watery feeling to Neptune.

Getting these two together, so that they are not at standstill, nor overpowering the other, is tricky…but doable.

Here are some other ways in which Saturn and Neptune can support each other, and how they may be showing up in our lives and calling us forward. These feel like some of the possibilities that are rife for this time.

During this Saturn/Neptune period, we can…

…work to architect (Saturn) what we dream of for our life (Neptune).

…take stock of (Saturn) our escape mechanisms, the ways we take ourselves out of the game (Neptune) the work (Saturn) to address our addictions (Neptune)

…commit (Saturn) to our artistry (Neptune)

…find ways to better manage time (Saturn) so that we free more up to do the things that we love (Neptune).

…assess (Saturn) what drains (Neptune) resources, energy, emotions, and life force from us

…dedicate our time to learning (Saturn) a mode of healing (Neptune)

…cultivate a practice (Saturn) that has us strengthening our compassion and ability to radiate more love (Neptune)

…learn that saying "No" (Saturn) is often times just as—if not, more—compassionate (Neptune) than saying "Yes"

…galvanize more love for ourselves (Neptune) by strengthening our personal boundaries (Saturn)

…focus on cultivating our intuition (Neptune), keeping track of how/when it guides us so that its lengthening track record (Saturn) can have us have more faith in it.

That said, I don't want to candy-coat any of this. Just because there are gifts, boons, and jewels to be received throughout this time, it doesn't mean that the path is necessarily easy. Remember to shower yourself in compassion (Neptune) as you work towards the new foundations in your life you're building (Saturn).