Venus Retrograde Mini Sessions


The current Venus Retrograde (October 5 - November 16) offers us opportunities to re-evaluate what we value. Experiences, thoughts, and feelings arise that point us towards a further understanding of just who and what add to the richness of our life, and who and what detract from it. By looking to the past and re-examinining what came before, we can find hidden jewels that we may have left behind, jewels that can further inform our present and future personal pathways.

And while Venus Retrograde periods provide us with time for reflections and re-do’s, just what opportunities they offer each of us in the moment can be better understood by seeing how they connect with our personal astrology chart.

To help you align with insights about what this Venus Retrograde may be inspiring for you, I’m once again offering my pop-up mini-sessions. In this 20-minute session, you’ll get personalized perspectives and strategies to help you mine the depth of insights available during this time.

My limited-availability Venus Retrograde Mini Sessions are $50 and available through October 26. They can be done by phone or via the Zoom video platform, and are recorded so that you can listen to them again (and again). They are available for current and new clients.

Clients love these mini sessions as they provide them with the opportunity to get some insightful personal guidance when they don't have the time or money to allocate for a full Stellar Guidance Session. They are also great if you've never had a session with an astrologer and want to get an introduction into the benefits that astrological counseling can offer.

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(If you want more general insights into Venus Retrograde, check out the latest audio guide that I made for Healers.)